Monday, January 16, 2012

feast your eyes on this!...

Like this? Get it HERE

Hey now! Do your eyes just immediately fall in love with this picture as soon as they take a gander, like mine do!?

Ahhh the power of good lighting and a great picture.

I'm sitting here on a Monday morning having a cup of coffee with the hubbie. We were given some of Starbuck's new blonde roast to we are...I must say- it's pretty darn yummy! We don't drink coffee very often, so either my tolerance for caffeine went WAY down, or there is some exorbitant amount in this type of roast. Either way, as I'm typing- my brain is going about 49370529865 miles an hour while my hands are going..maybe 1. This creates a LOT of typing mistakes and stuttered thoughts!!!

It's grey outside, but warm and inviting in. It actually rained last night which was kind of nice and welcoming after the heat wave we just recently had. We love it when it rains...especially at night time when all the day's activities were coming to an end anyway. It makes us become very snuggly- not only physically (hehe) but mentally too (does that make sense?) Candles were lit, lights were soft, soup was simmering on the stove...and moods were calm and relaxed. It was a good night last night. Quite the opposite from what's going on inside me this morning BECAUSE OF ALL THIS CAFFEINEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
What does any of that have to do with what this blog is supposed to be about?


Absolutely nothing.

I'm going to go ahead and blame it on the blonde roasters and their magical roasting ways of doing things.

Want your own cute as a button cupcake? Get these decorations HERE.

I was browsing through my Etsy a little while ago when I noticed I didn't have too many nice cupcake pictures showcasing my edible decs. What a tragedy! That lobotomy I had years ago must have really effected the ways I do things- why else would I have all these cupcake decorations up for you all to buy...without being on CUPCAKES?!? How would one know how the decs would look sitting atop?! How would one know the true size in comparison to a regular or mini sized treat?? Ugh...Sometimes I can be SO...scatterbrained.

Anyone doing a Snow White party? This would look perfect!

Needless to say, once my brain started functioning again I realized I was in desperate need to start taking pictures!!


She's waiting very patiently HERE for you to find her!

I hope you'll forgive me for not having done this..oh you know....EONS ago. But alas, here they are...a process that is proving to take longer than I thought it would. Slowly but surely (by golly) I will complete each and every listing- having both decorations by themselves and showcased on top of delicious frosting topped cupcakes! can have the full effect!

Isn't he so handsome?? You can purchase him HERE


Our zebra print cupcake topper!!!! (And the audience goes wild!!)

Rawr! Get this little cutie HERE

I'm sure you probably guessed it- I am, in fact, in love with this topper. I didn't think I'd ever like zebra print- actually ANY animal print thing to be honest. But I just cannot help but love this little cutie. It's sort of the bad girl of all our decorations, haha.

If you haven't noticed, we've kind of got a theme going- SWEET Lavender Bake Shoppe. We feature...SWEET things. Not only in taste but in look as well. We chose not to go down certain roads with how our edible decs could look, and we're happy we've stuck to our guns and continued on that way. Not saying animal print is a risque road- but it's definitely not a sweet little cutie. I wouldn't have even done something like this if it wasn't for one amazing repeat customer. This woman is just plain awesome. Every time she orders I get excited- both because she's so creative (we've done some of our most challenging things for her) but also because she's just plain fun to talk to.

She asked if we would consider doing zebra print for a friend's daughter's sweet 16...and we happily obliged. :) I'm happy we did!

Zebra Print Cupcake Topper

So introducing the naughtier and more wild side of Sweet Lavender- our little animal of a decoration :) When I think of this little cutie I imagine she's the one behind the school in the alley, stealing a cigarette while all the other cuties are diligently learning in all their classrooms. She's the one wearing fishnets and leather skirts while all my others are dressed in bows and lace bringing their teachers shiny red delicious apples, as a "Thank You" treat. She doesn't care about what's cool- stands out from the rest..and to be honest- I'm kind of proud of her.

You can now purchase this for your next shindig on our Etsy. Colors and numbers (or letters) are of course customizable. With this particular decoration, we chose to hand paint the zebra stripes to give them a more artistic feel as well as give each one it's own uniqueness.

Oh! And duh- they're ALL made with tons of love.

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