Monday, January 23, 2012

good friends + care packages...

Now would you take a look at that! Isn't this just the prettiest collaboration of things for your hungry eyes?

My husband and I were thrilled to pieces when we found out our dear dear friends, Lynn and Chris, over at Sunshowers and Rainshine were sending us a care package! Thrilled might be a tiny understatement- I was ECSTATIC when my good friend, Lynn, told me the news.

Lynn and I go waaaaaaay back. By way back I mean to the days we were silly girls doing silly things. It seems every time we get together we end up reminiscing about some seriously kooky times!...and boys! We can't help ourselves, but I will say this- we always end up in tears because of laughing so hard! She and I have gone through many ups and some pretty lame downs and through those experiences has become a friend I carry extremely close to my heart.

It's one of the hardest things- having these two wonderful people live clear across the country...but we all try and keep in touch as much as humanly possible! We've even had the extreme privilege of visiting each other on random vacation trips! Now that's super fun!
So back to the care package! When Lynn told me they were "putting together some things to send to us" I never in one trillion years expected:

1. Such a huge box to be delivered!
2. A box filled with what would become some of my new cherished possessions. 

As the hubbie and I opened up our box, we were as giddy as little kids on Christmas. We laughed, "OoooOo'd" and "Awwwwww'd" with everything we saw. Here's what was included:

A little background story. We visited our sweet friends for our first year anniversary. It was, by far, the best anniversary we have had, yet. While staying at their wonderful Virginian home in a room Lynn dec'd out to look completely hotel suite like, we all spent a good afternoon gorging ourselves on these chips. Now I've had BBQ flavored chips before...and I'm kind of a fan...but these chips...oh my gosh! They're like nothing I've ever tasted. So ridiculously good!!! I was SO DANG HAPPY to see a bag in our box! ...They were gone in two days. "Family Size" my butt!

Lynn has her own Etsy shop that sells some of the most precious handmade little girl's hair bands and pieces. I always joke with my husband that IF/WHEN we have a little girl, I'll be raiding Lynn's store buying one of everything. She has such an eye for some of the coolest fabrics when making all her things! So, needless to say, when there were two "not so little girl" hair pieces in our care package I was overjoyed! I cannot wait to wear them!

Now this thing...this is the pièce de résistance. This thing I am utterly in love with. Lynn handmade and hand sewed our very own bird mobile. It's maybe the sweetest thing anyone has ever made and given us. If you're a regular follower, you know...we have a thing for birds. Not to be confused with Porlandia's thing for birds...but a much more tangible and reasonable sweet thing for birds. We even had two on our wedding invitation over 3 years ago. 

So to have something so very us and just so incredibly sweet, makes my bird-loving-heart flutter! Right now it's hanging in our dining room, but we plan on moving it to a future nursery, whenever that time comes :)

Isn't the cloud just too adorable?!!?
So, thank you so so so much guys. From the very bottom of our hearts we both thank you. Every time we see this lovely thing, or wear a hair piece, or play a video game (not shown) we think of you guys and how amazingly awesome you two are.

And jeez, now we miss you even more!

I have a feeling care packages to our friends might become a more regular thing. I forgot how fun it was to actually receive and open something from a loved one living far away. Big plans guys...big plans in 2012 to bring back the handwritten letter and care package! Are you with me?

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