Monday, January 30, 2012

harriet rachel + jm wedding 1.1.12...

I recently had the extreme honor and pleasure of helping out a friend during her New Year's wedding :) Having a small and very intimate gathering to celebrate their special day, our friends Harriet Rachel and Jean Marc asked me to be the one to capture photographs of the day.

I'll be honest- I was so nervous! I take pictures as a hobby on most days and necessity some days in order to capture yummy treats to show you all on here. Sure more and more friends are asking me to capture special events they have going in their lives, but I've never ever photographed a wedding! I know a few friends who do it for a living and I have so much respect for that profession. It looks exhausting and stressful (and yet a tad exhilarating too). But they assured me that I had nothing to stress about: they wanted an easy shoot- just a few pictures of them together before the ceremony...a few during the big event...and then to just relax as a guest for the reception. Score!

This wedding was just plain beautiful. It had such an easy, carefree and comforting family-like feel to it- everything from the Bride's Free People dress to their backyard reception filled with flowers and twinkle lights was just wonderful.

Once I got started on the actual picture taking I found myself  "warmed up" pretty quick; things went more smoothly than I had imagined! Maybe it was the couple I was shooting...maybe it was the fact that I've known the family FOR YEARS ;)..whatever the case, I think it's safe to say we all had a blast. Thank you so much to this wonderfully sweet family for this amazing opportunity.

Ring Shots!!

I just love the button detail on that dress!

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