Monday, January 9, 2012


I'm so excited about this post. I'm just utterly in love with how these little ladies came out!

A few weeks ago we received an inquiry on our Etsy that I just loved :) A mom had found our store, browsed through...loved what she saw and decided to trust us to make something brand new. That's so dang exciting!! She had this vision, sent us some pictures and away we went!
Her daughter was turning one and she wanted to have a ladybug theme for the party being thrown. She sent me some pictures of the decorations that would be used around her home and we tried to match those specific decorations as exact as we possibly could.

For these specific little cuties we decided that since we wanted to include her antennae we would need a background for her to sit atop. Not doing so and we would most definitely have breakage during transit to our trusting customer's home. In the pictures the mama provided, there were some ladies with white backgrounds anyway, so it was an easy choice.

While I began cutting 2" circles out of gum paste, my husband started working on creating yet another awesome hand made stencil- which would then become ladybugs. I'm thinking we need to start pondering and researching new storage containers for all our stencils!!! They're getting out of hand.

We actually needed to create two separate stencils for the ladybugs- the body and wings to be exact.

Available here!

We tried a few different techniques- trying to find the best way to make our ladybug ideas come to life. Finally, when we found our favorite way, we began coloring, cutting, assembling and hand piping- a process that took about 3 days.

I have to say- my favorite part of making new decorations is when I'm putting the final detail touches on. It's then, that I can really see these little "once an idea and thought" as real life things. So, as I was carefully piping her (or is it his???) antennae and little black dots along the wings, I became so giddy! "BILL! COME LOOK! NOW PLEASE!!!!!!" <-- My English dissipates the more excited I get...

I love her!! Seriously. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Oh! The mom loved them too. She sent the nicest thank you email after receiving them. I'm hoping she sends birthday pictures so I can see them up on some delicious cupcakes!

Now for...KITTY TIME!!!

"Mom, I'm really loving the time we can spend together while you wrap gifts. I'm loving the paper you use and think it feels really good on my underside. ...Just don't try and take this away from me...I WILL bite and scratch you. I am NOT done enjoying this time."

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  1. Hi! I'm the ladybug mom! Thank you again!! Everyone at the party oooed and ahhhhed. I have no blog-worthy photos of them but they were LOVED by all. I especially loved how the hand piping gave each one of the little cuties her own unique antennae curls - adorable! Thank you for putting so much love into them. :)


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