Wednesday, February 22, 2012

back to work...

A break can only last so long. Once my husband felt well enough to hold his own, I was back on Etsy doing my thing.

It felt so good to get my hands working creatively again. Let me rephrase that, "to get my hands working with gum paste again". My hands, truthfully, haven't stopped being creative. Ever since I was taught how to crochet (about a week ago), it seems that's all I have been doing! I can't stop. I love it. So far I have one potholder, one legwarmer (no, not one set of legwarmers...just one), and I am a quarter of the way done with a dark grey wool scarf for the hubbie. I'm afraid I might have already developed a problem with finishing projects. Well in my defense, one potholder is fine...I guess you don't need two. But I wanted to make two.

Anyway, it was a nice change up once the Etsy orders started rolling in again. This one in particular I just thought was so lovely.

We were asked to create a custom name plaque for a mama who was going to throw her little girl, Sophia, a birthday. Isn't that name so sweet? I like it. Her party theme (of course) was to be all things "Hello Kitty" with the sweetest shades of pink.

So we got to work creating a stencil for each letter and number (no, no cookie cutters) making sure every one was just right. Then we followed up by making a lighter pink background for the dark pink letters to sit atop.

Also included in the order was our larger Hello Kitty inspired face, adorned with a matching dark pink bow. Every aspect of her was hand cut and colored using a stencil we have made ourselves. Once she had dried firm, I then piped on her little nose, eyes, and whiskers out of royal icing.

Lastly were the ever so popular bows. These bows! They (along with our buttons) are by far the most ordered thing we have. We don't go one week without making these. It's super neat. I love receiving the orders with all different variations of color combinations!

Also ordered this last week, these guys:

See, I told you our buttons were popular! As I said before, I love seeing the color choices each person makes! On top, the sweet woman wanted hot pink, purple, and accents of teal. On the bottom, the woman wanted light green, light blue, and teal.

Then for our bigger news! We received our first international order!!! Woooohooooo! I have had my shop open to that off and on over the last year. I add international shipping, then get scared and remove it...over and over. I decided to leave it up for good and take that next step. On Thursday we received the order :)

I have to admit- giggled about two things with this order: 1. They wanted mustaches. I don't know why, but I thought that was funny. and 2. It's to Norway. Norway? Norway. My husband's family on his mother's side are from Norway so when we saw this as the address...of ALL the places around the world...we both laughed. And NO, it was not ordered from a family member. Go figure. I'm happy to make some Norwegian mustaches :{)  <--That's a Norwegian mustache face.


  1. I'm so bad at crocheting... knitting is more my thing. But I wish i could crochet too.

    Hello Kitty is so cute! That little girl is going to be so thrilled! Love the buttons and the mustaches too.

    1. You can knit? That's awesome! Knitting makes such a unique and sweet pattern. I would love to know how to knit as well. I heard it was harder than crocheting.

      Thanks so very much for all the sweet words! So encouraging!


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