Friday, February 10, 2012

continuing to get better...

It's funny..when you take a break from the usual routine of life, time sort of becomes a blur. I only knew it was Friday today because I saw a couple of posts online this morning. Otherwise to feels like Wednesday and the same time. It's weird.

These last few days have been so much better than the days before. My husband is recovering faster and faster which makes for a happy Christina. He has even felt strong and good enough to go for morning walks around our block! This, my friends, is a big step! We were cooped in the house for days because just standing would bring him to a sweat! So this "new" thing we're doing is such a joyous welcomed time. Today will be 3 days in a row we were able to walk around the block..each day going a little faster and a little further before needing to head back home to rest.

It also just so happened to be some of the more beautiful and warmer mornings we've had in a while. This also made for an awesome time. The sunshine is so gorgeous early in the day. The streets were quiet except for sounds of birds, bees, and slight breezes.

I hope this warm weather continues for days to come!

Today marks one week since his nasal and septum surgery. Which I cannot believe. I almost feel like it's been months!'s only been 7 days. We were supposed to go back to the Dr. today to get his nose cast and stitches removed, but had to reschedule for tomorrow morning because the Dr. is ill. Bummer. We were really looking forward to having his "normal" new nose. Oh well.

Yesterday was a kind of a big day- my husband felt good enough to paint! He hasn't been able to hold his head (especially in a downward position!!) since the surgery, but yesterday he said he felt "ok" :) So while I continued crocheting my leg warmers, he broke out his watercolor sketchbook and got in some good painting time.

He had this idea of what he wanted to paint, so he had me pose earlier in the day. It's me...hiding behind our front a crazy woman, with little Mustachio by my side. It actually turned out pretty neat.

I feel like I've been working on this one leg warmer forever (continuing with the "when you don't work time becomes a blur" thing)!! I realized once I got this far, that it's taken me only two days to get to this point. So, in's not so bad. I need about 4 or 5 times what I've done to have one completed leg warmer!'s on to the second gosh. And...just in time for summer! -_- I love it though.

I also got to work a little yesterday. Like actual work. Since putting my Etsy shop back up (off vacation mode) a few days ago, I've received a lot of custom order inquiries. So each day I'm sort of organizing and getting those in order. These little "folk art" stars are some of my favorites. And that blue! I love that blue! I was so happy the woman who ordered them loved it too.

So that's what's been going on here! I just feel so incredibly thankful to all of you who have been praying for us and checking up on us. Thank you, thank you!! I plan on getting some "actual" blog(s) up next week, including a recipe! Hoping to get more than one up! Haha. I hope your Friday is a good one, filled with yummy treats and fun times!

Oh! Valentine's day is coming up!! Do you guys have any big plans??? I'd love to hear! I'd be happy to have a "normal" day with no pain or sickness in our house ;) Maybe we can sneak away to a little movie or something too *Fingers crossed*!


  1. So glad your hubby is feeling better! You guys are so creative and crafty around your house. Fun!

    I'm not sure what we are doing on Valentine's Day. Since we have a 9 month old and we are too cheap to get a babysitter, I think we'll just hang out and maybe order a pizza. :)

    1. Hey! Sounds like what we'll be doing too...and we don't even have a baby! ;)

      I hope whatever you guys do DO, that it's a fun-filled night full of kisses!


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