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edible button "how to" + my first guest tutorial...

Hello my lovelies! Happy Hump Day....whatever that means...

Two weeks ago I was a guest blogger on the super neat Cakeb0t. Did you see it?? The lovely Binky, of Cakeb0t, had asked me months ago if I was interested in doing a tutorial on her cake decorating blog. Being my first guest post ever, I jumped raced humbly accepted the invitation.

Cakeb0t is one awesome site. If you've never been, I strongly suggest checking it out. Filled with "how-to's",  cake decorating tips, and techniques...this is a must bookmark site for any baker. PLUS you can sign up to receive a FREE Buttercream eBooklet! Come on now!

Having never done such a thing I sort of looked through some previous tutorials until I thought I had "the feel" for it. I guess the teacher in me came out full swing in this post- Binky not only loved my tutorial but was shocked at the thoroughness and extreme specifications I went to. Oh me. Always over doing it.

My husband and I talked about the ways we wanted to go- not only in WHAT to actually teach on, but also on how the best way to show everything would be. I wanted to make sure one could see my fingers and the detailed things they were doing...and wanted the picture to be completely self explanatory...or as much as possible.

We decided to go with one of our popular Etsy items- our edible buttons because we figured that's what people would want to see. Plus, we figured it's always a good idea to multi-task tools in the kitchen...and home. We assumed anyone willing to make these would for sure have piping tips on hand (in some sizes), so this would keep people from going out and buying something special for this specific decoration. Any tool that can multi-task is a good one to me! So madeleine suck...seriously what else is there to do with you?!...Other than to make scrumptious madeleines?? On second thought, maybe we can still be friends. FRIENDSIES! 

ANYWAY, without further adieu, here is my tutorial for my Edible Button Decorations featured on Cakeb0t!
PS- Check out my hubbie's awesome photography skills!

Supplies Needed:
1. Cookie sheet lined with tinfoil (or parchment)
2. Self healing cutting mat (or plastic smooth surfaced cutting board)
3. 2 oz of gum paste per desired color (I chose purple, green, and orange)
4. Toothpicks
5. Mini offset spatula
6. Mini roller- something like this would also suffice
7. Flat edged gum paste tool- you can get a kit like this which has everything you’ll need!
8. Assorted piping tips- I specifically used a Magic Tip 9pt, Ateco #806, and an Ateco #804
9. Plastic wrap (not shown)

Get out your nifty cutting mat and roll out your gum paste until you’ve reached a thickness of 1/8-1/4″. I like my buttons closer to 1/8″ thick, but for new beginners, thicker would be easier :) Any extra gum paste you have needs to be kept rolled up in plastic wrap, or else it will dry out FASTER than you can say, “Dang that dried up fast!”

Cut out assorted sized circles with the tops AND bottoms of your piping tips. Can you say, “Multi-tasking tools rock?!” For larger buttons, use bottom of the Magic Tip 9pt, medium sizes use top of Magic Tip 9pt, and for the smallest sized buttons use the tops of an Ateco tip #806 and #804. Of course, you can be creative and use whatever, but these are the sizes that work for me! Roll scraps back into a ball and wrap tightly in plastic wrap…you know…because of the drying and stuff.

For the largest buttons:
After you've cut your large buttons out (bottom of Magic Tip 9pt), use your flat edged gum paste tool and smooth the edges so that you have a smooth circle. If any of the medium or smaller sized buttons have ragged edges, do this to them as well.

You can go many ways when creating the larger buttons, and I highly encourage creativity- but what I’ve found works really well and produces buttons I just adore and think are pretty snazzy- I take the bottom of my Ateco tip #806 and GENTLY and EVENLY press down until I’ve created a sort of border. Careful not to go through the gum paste all the way…or else…well, you’ll have a little smaller of a button! No big.

Next, using your mini offset spatula, carefully pick up your large button and with a toothpick punch through 4 holes in the center.

Large Button done!

Another way to go with the larger buttons: You can skip creating the border and go straight to punching holes in the center with your toothpick. 2 to 4 holes of course! Variety is key!
For the middle sized buttons:

For medium sized buttons, I cut out my buttons using the top of my Magic Tip 9pt piping tip. To create a button with a border, I use the top of my Ateco #806 to gently press onto my button cut out with the top of my Magic Tip 9pt piping tip.

Like with the larger buttons, using your mini offset spatula, carefully pick up buttons and punch through the center with either 2 or 4 holes.

I've found that with the medium and smaller buttons, you might have to flatten out the surface again once border has been made and holes have been punched. Sometimes these little guys like to try and roll up.

Finished medium sized button with border!

For the smallest buttons:

After cutting out button with the top of my Ateco #806 piping tip, I use the top of my Ateco #804 to gently and evenly press down- this again, creates the button with a border. Remember kids, don’t go through all the way!

Using mini offset spatula, carefully pick up small button and punch through 2 (or 4 if you’re a daredevil) small holes in center with toothpick.

If the button is too small for you to pick up, just leave on cutting mat and carefully pierce through the center with your toothpick. Go ahead, no one is looking…we won’t judge.

Finally, lay each button flat on your cookie sheet lined with tinfoil (or parchment) and let air dry for 24 hours. If you live somewhere with crazy amounts of humidity (let’s say Hawaii…love you Hawaii…but let’s be honest, you’re one humid state!), this drying step might take a little longer. Just test them out everyday- they’re done with they’re completely firm!

Once dried and completely firm, gently lift off of tinfoil and decorate your favorite cupcake!!!

Or, if you're so inclined, click the button below and it'll take you straight to the tutorial on Cakeb0t's site:


  1. Those buttons are so cute! Thanks for the tutorial. I need to go make some cupcakes now, so I can put some buttons on them. :)

    1. Oh thank you! And they're SO easy to make too!! ;) I'd love to see how yours turn out! Great to decorate cakes too!

  2. Waw Edible button!!!!! It is something creative that never seen before. Like your idea. Let me try if i can make some miracle. Soon would let you how it works.

    1. Aww, haha thanks for the kind words! They are so easy to do, I have complete faith you'll do just fine! Good luck and let me know how you do! :)

  3. This is so cute I can't take it :) Now I have to go make cupcakes just to try this. So Cute! Thanks much for the tutorial.
    I found you over on helloCotton...will follow for sure!

  4. Do you think this would work in fondant too? I have that on hand, and no gumpaste... I was hoping to save myself a store trip!

    1. Absolutely!!!!!! Just follow the instructions exactly as I have em and you'll be good to go! JUST REMEMBER fondant never hardens fully like Gum Paste does (which is why for decorations I choose gum paste). :) So it'll dry hard but not super firm like gum paste would ;) But there should be NO problem!! Good luck! Let me know how it goes!

  5. I just love the look of your cake topper decos! Good artistic and technical work. Thanks for the tutorial, it's well done!


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