Wednesday, February 29, 2012

keep what's important...

Happy Leap Day!!! I'm not one who is too big on this here extra day...never really have been, BUT today is a little different. We have some really good friend's of ours that are celebrating their first actual anniversary since they were married 4 years ago! So, Happy real Anniversary to you guys! We love ya!

I've got Spring-Cleaning fever right now. I can't throw enough stuff away! Well, I have a lot I want to throw away, I just need to get myself to that point of actually doing it!

There are some things though...that will never be trash-worthy. These things, are things dearest and nearest to my heart. Some things are old, some new...some torn, ripped, dirty, sparkling clean...They all vary.

I wanted to share with you all some of these things that I hold closest to my heart.

They say a woman's purse is a key to what's most important to her. What she values as "must-haves" and needs to be right by her at all times. Here's what I am always carrying in my purse (starting top left, going clock-wise):

  • My VonZipper sunglasses, in Trudie. Ever since I started wearing sunglasses, VonZippers were the ones for me. I've had a few different styles, with these being my favorite! Unfortunately the bigger the lens, the more frequent the I went one step down in lens size with my most recently purchased pair and I think I have found a happy medium.
  • Hobo Wallet. Don't ask me how I found out about this was years ago! And to be honest I don't know why I chose to love it- they're so expensive! BUT when I was a young single working gal with NO financial responsibilities except gas and such, pricey things = awesome things. I love this wallet though. It's my second one (in a span of maybe 10 they last forever). It's got more room and pockets than I (Miss Organization Queen) know what to do with. PLUS you can use it as a clutch!
  • Moo Cards. I wanted to really emphasize my Etsy shop as well as my blog, so we choose to picture some of our more popular edible decorations on each card. They're great cards- super thick and very nice. I keep them on hand always...just in case. 
  • Burt's Bees Lip Balm. I have so many different kinds of lip balm by this brand. And I don't care. I love them to death and will probably never ever change that. They use natural ingredients in everything and have started listing the actual percentage right on each item. Everything I have uses between 99 and 100% natural ingredients. 
  • Crabtree and Eveyln hand lotion. I got this as a Christmas stocking stuffer last year from my mom. She knows I love this brand too. Have you ever smelled their Lavender scented stuff? OH MY GOODNESS. My hands are always being washed and seem to always need moisturizing. This is good stuff!
  • Coin Purse. I got this cute little bird pouch while on my honeymoon in Oahu. I have no idea what store it was from or what brand it is, but I just adore it. It's almost 4 years old and has stored tweezers, a mirror, and odds and ends ever since. What's even better- after watching this a few weeks ago...I love this pouch even more. 
  • Little notepads for quick ideas and inspiration. You NEVER know when a "good idea" will hit ya!
  • (Not Shown) iPhone. What did I ever do before this thing? Jeez.

Other things dear to my heart:

Random Post-It notes my husband leaves for me every so often. Some are funny, some are sweet, but I keep them all. They are such wonderful reminders of what we have together. I think I might have over 200 now. One day we will sit and read them, when we're old and grey, and laugh at how silly things were.

My "birthday present" proposal picture. I just adore this. It sits on a little table in our bedroom. This is how my husband proposed to me: My birthday. After dentist appointment. Home. Wrapped box. Hidden camera. Insert me opening gift when it was just the two of us. As I opened the box he got down on one knee created the same pose as was shown on my framed picture. He planned it so that earlier in the morning he "suggested" what clothes I should wear (making sure it matched what he had painted), had me sit in my room, had my dog Billy, by my side...and had everything exactly as was being shown. It was perfect.

My great-grandmothers engagement ring and my wedding ring.

The first "jewelry"my husband (then boyfriend) ever bought me. It was for my 18th birthday..a time when I was in love with everything and anything Roxy. I wore this watch every single day for years!

A friend of ours passed away a few years back in a tragic motorcycle accident. I had known him since elementary husband had known him maybe longer. His funeral, although sad and way too soon, was one of the most "beautiful" ones I had been to. Surrounded (and I mean surrounded) by people from all over- the space in which it took place was instantly packed to the brim. There on a table, as you first walked in, was a bowl filled with handkerchiefs for whomever to take, cry on, and keep as a reminder of our missed friend. I never leave home without this.

So proud of her new mess making skills.

Lastly, of course, Mustachio and Mombi.

Who wouldn't love this sweet face?
What about you? What do you hold near and dear? Do you keep them in your purse close to you every day? Are they displayed around your home as little reminders of love? Or do you lock them in a special place for only you to see? Whatever it is that is important to you- keep it. You'll be glad you did ;)

Lastly, I wanted to share with you guys some seriously awesome pictures a recent customer just sent me the other day. Can I just say, I love when customers do this? Love this. It might be my favorite thing. Nothing makes my heart jump with joy more than seeing our edible cuties doing what they do best- sitting atop a mama's homemade sweet treat.

The best part about these pictures in particular? She took some awesome photos...I did not edit them what-so-ever.


Ok let's all be serious for a second...How friggin cute are these pictures? Right?? RIGHT!?!?! I mean, SERIOUSLY...these pictures just melt my heart. They're just great! Great cake, great colors, great composition, sweet subjects...gosh...I just adore everything about them. Oh and if you're wanting to order those stars- click here ;)

So to the mom who so kindly shared these with me- thank you from the bottom of my heart!


  1. Your posts are always so loaded with lots of goodies! I love looking into people's purses! It's true that we carry the things that are must haves and dear to our hearts.
    Put a Bird On It! Hilarious! (it's my fav Portandia episode)
    I'm going to make my own blog post about what's in my purse!
    Happy Days!

    1. Aww thanks so much Sabrina. It makes me smile (with all teeth showing) knowing that someone likes what I have to say (and what's in my purse). BY THE WAY- glad to know someone else out there loves Portandia!!! ;) Can't wait to read your purse-post! Make sure and let me know when it's up!

    2. Just posted it! This was really fun to do! (and it gave me a reason to clean out my purse! Hello 5 million receipts!!)

  2. I followed Sabrina's link on over here. I don't carry a purse anymore. I just use my pockets. I'm totally unwomanly.

    1. First off, welcome! Glad you stopped by! Hope you'll find yourself at home here and visit often!!

      About the pocket- that's awesome. I'm envious. I WISH I didn't have to carry a purse. They most of the time prove to be more than a burden and kind of in the way...especially when all you use that day is chapstick ;)


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