Thursday, February 16, 2012

our valentine's day...

The past few days have been super grey and raining with little bursts of days filled with bright blue skies. Valentine's Day was one of those days. It was a gorgeous day. Warm and totally couldn't NOT be outside.

It's days like this that we are extremely happy and blessed to live right next to the Pacific Ocean. It's days like this that I can't help but take a little drive down to the beach or cliff and stand in awe of what's right "down the street". Miles and miles of different shades of blue, turquoise, and teal stretch out as far as I can see. On a really clear day (like Valentine's Day) you can see Catalina Island (not to be mistaken for I am not joking, someone once asked me if that's what they were seeing -_-) and on a REALLY clear day you can see all her mountains and grooves, valleys, and her shore. It's kind of awesome.

Unfortunately this marvelous sun shiny day was also my first day of having to work. Bummer, I know. Good news though- it wasn't for too long. This made it bearable to leave. So, to make the best of the time we had together, my husband and I took a little trip (literally down the street) to our neighborhood's local little gathering place- The Corner Store.

We seem to be traveling down here more and more often these days. I don't know why there was a time we stopped coming. Good food, great prices, even better coffee, and locally made crafts and sweets. It's just such a homey and lovely place to spend a morning or afternoon. We usually ride our bikes here, but with Bill not feeling his 100% yet, a little drive is what we did. By "little" I mean, maybe 50 seconds.

Isn't he just so handsome. Even with a just-was-busted-up-but-now-almost-healed-face...he's just so amazing.

Since we're sort of on an extreme budget these last few weeks, we decided to forego gifts of any kind and stick to hugs-only...and maybe a card. Being an Etsy seller myself, I couldn't help but browse through the endless (and super creative) array of Valentine's cards to "just see" what was there. BAM! This one showed itself...and by was perfect. If you know my know what I mean. I swear it is all he talks about, "If there was a Zombie apocalypse I would/we would..." So, thank you so much to this shop for knowing there are people out there like my husband...and making this card.

This is the card I received, hahahaha. We are such goof balls! Great minds think a like, that's for sure. He also purchased his off of Etsy, this store to be exact. On the front was a portrait of Lando Calrissian from Empire Strikes Back with the inside saying, "You've Lando'ed in my Heart". Awww.

Of course, he had to surprise me with some of the sweetest smelling golden yellow roses. This made me so happy. I don't know what it is, but roses don't smell the way they used to, anymore. Why??? I remember hanging out at my grandmother's house as a little girl and walking through her large rose garden..the smell of roses was so strong and lovely. You couldn't help but leave smelling like one yourself. Now...whenever I see some...they just don't smell like a rose. It's so muted and...weak. Lame. These were not the case. They were pungent and wonderful.

Oh yeah...things weren't all rainbows and unicorns...we hit up our local theater for their $4 movie day and on the way home our tire blew out. Happy Valentine's Day to us! A small small downer on a wonderful and love-filled day. Yes I'll admit, I freaked out and couldn't be consoled for what seemed to me to be 5 minutes but was probably more like an hour...but once the spare was on (by my awesome husband! Did I ever tell you how awesome and handy he is??) and we were home safe, I was fine.

So how about you guys? How was your Valentine's Day??

I know I said I would have a recipe up for you all this week. And gosh, I really was going to. But this week got away from me so fast. Bill still isn't a 100% and yesterday I got sick...bleh...but there's still tomorrow! We'll see if I can finally get it up.


  1. WOW! That view would take my breath away everyday! Sounded like you guys had a sweet Valentine's. (despite the flat tire. ugh!) I loved the V-day cards you guys exchanged. My husband loves zombies and would die over that card. No pun intended! :)

    1. The view is BY FAR the best thing about living where we do. On clear days we have WIDE range of ocean views. A little walk from our actual house down to the cliffs (about 10 minutes) and what you see will take your breath away.

      I swear, Etsy is THE WAY to go when it comes to gifts. Whether it's cards, sweet nothings, artsy's such a great place to find unique stuff!


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