Wednesday, February 8, 2012

this past week...

Hey guys!

It feels so weird blogging...I know it's only been a week off. But when it's something you eat, breathe, and sleep every single day- taking even a week's break feels strange. 

As you know, this break came from having to tend to my recuperating husband. He's still recuperating, but he's now able to be left alone for a little bit at a time. 

I'll be honest. This last week was brutal. For both of us. I could only imagine what it must have been like for him. I don't think we prepared for his recovery being this tough. But alas, we made it through the hardest parts, and here we are...just kind of enjoying the time we have left together before he has to be back to work. By "enjoying" I mean trying to watch movies (and finish Felicity! GASP!!!) in between him having spurts of feeling terrible.

I don't really have concentrated and awesome info for this first blog, but I wanted to sort of touch base with you all and let you know how we are...and that I'm still around. The next few weeks might not be consistent in the blogging department, but I'll try my best to have something up every now and then until he's completely healed. 

The surgery was a success! Was supposed to be 4 hours but only lasted 3 1/2! We arrived at the hospital around 5:20 in the morning last Friday and he was rolled into the OR around 7:45am. That was the hardest part. THE HARDEST PART. I was able to sit with him in the pre-op room and hang out for a little bit which calmed my nerves. We shared some nervous laughs (more on my part) and took some funny pictures while waiting for the surgeon to arrive. 

Everything was sort of fine until they came to hook him up and roll him away. Saying goodbye made me want to vomit. I won't even lie. Gosh I hope I never have to do that again. 

After waiting a little bit with his mom (who by the way was SUCH a blessing being there) I felt good enough to eat. From then on, things were relatively fun. As much fun as one can have siting around a hospital. My husband is such a thoughtful guy- he knew I had started having this strong desire to learn how to either knit or crochet. So a couple days before the surgery while talking to his mom about the day's itinerary, he asked if she (a great crocheter) wouldn't mind taking the "waiting room time" to teach me! That's just what we did!! 

So while sitting around we talked, laughed, and I was taught how to single crochet! Isn't this yarn sweet looking? It reminded me of a sort of Neapolitan ice cream ;) Light and subtle shades of ivory, peachie pink, and soft milk chocolate brown.

I kid not, by the end of our waiting session I was hooked (no pun intended)!! I couldn't stop. I even thought about it while doing mundane things that night (showering, dishes, straightening up, etc). So needless to say, 24 hours later I had completed my first ever crocheted thing- a pot holder. Sort of feeling like a 5 year old with this project under my belt, but whatever. It's at least something I can definitely use. Planning on making another soon.

Soon to be leg warmers.

A few days after the surgery, his mom came over again to help care for my husband (help me out and keep me company!) and while sitting around chatting that day she taught me how to double crochet. So fun. She brought me a few easy to learn books, and right away I spotted something I've been searching Etsy for, for weeks- leg warmers that would go higher than my boots on my leg! Zing! Making those. I'm about a quarter of the way done with my first- which is proving to take longer than expected. I'm thinking I might be done with both in a couple of weeks. I'm SO used to making things that are relatively instantly finished- cakes, desserts, edible decorations, that it's taking some patience on my part to be ok with working on something for a week or two (or more). No instant gratification here. At least not in a "completed project" sense.

There's something so soothing about letting your brain mellow out and start to clear while working on a crocheted piece. This is definitely a good thing.

Tuesday we went back to the Dr for his first post-op happening. While there his nose splints (or were they called stints?) were removed. That was pretty terrible...he didn't do so well during that appointment. But again, once we got home and he was able to lay down and rest, he was fine. He's such a strong guy. Even when he's feeling pretty lame, he still tries to make me laugh and be silly. It's only when things get too hard or painful that he has to be still and left alone. Friday we go to have the remaining stitches removed...y..a...y..

My healing husband and his Gryffindor socks.

Of course, someone has decided she loves when I crochet too. She loves to lay next to me (or on me if I'll let her) and pretend to be resting while waiting for the perfect time to snake a piece of yarn. She's decided to be a very cliché cat. So far I've caught her batting a few strands, gnawing on a ball of yarn, and once (and only once) bite through a strand I was about to weave in. Ugh. That was lame.

Who can stay mad at this face though?

So that's what's been going on here. Everyday he's feeling a little bit better. Some days are harder than others...but he's consistently recovering. YAY!! Thanks to all of you who have kept him (and me) in your prayers- we truly appreciate it!

Until next time...


  1. I'm glad to hear that your husband is recuperating well. That wasn't much of a break! You only get to count it as a break if you're somewhere exotic relaxing on a beach with a drink in your hand :) Beautiful pictures!

    1. You are SO right! It wasn't very much of a break as it was a...time away from blogging. He is continuing to recuperate more and more each day! We're thinking of taking a walk this morning! YAY! Excited to get out of the house and get some sunshine!! ;)

  2. I have not checked in here for some time since I thought it was getting boring, but the last several posts are great quality so I guess I will add you back to my everyday bloglist. You deserve it my friend :)
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