Friday, March 30, 2012

custom made butterflies + slower times...

Spring is here!

Not that you'd know it. Well maybe where you live, you do. Not here at least. Remember all those pictures I showed of our lovely beach date? Remember all the sun, and warmth, and happy times that were had when it was technically WINTER a few weeks ago? Well! Here we are, one season from summer and it's been COLD....RAINY....GREY...and LAME almost every single day. I took out all my tank tops and dresses too early, I guess. I've been in nothing but jeans, boots, socks (ew) and sweaters for the last 3 weeks.

Dear Sun,

Come out, come out, wherever you are! ....Please?


Just to prove my point even more- you know, the point about the lame weather...When I took these delightful butterfly pictures- it was POURING outside. I'm talking howling-wind-things-falling-over-scared-cats-hiding, type of rain. Haha. Now that I think of it, it was kind of a nice and funny juxtaposition. Trying to photograph such lovely and lively spring filled pastel purple shimmery the rain's light.

Let's stop the pity party, shall we (not that any of you on the East coast feel my pain! I've been reading and hearing all about your lovely warm, bbq filled days, haha). On to these cuties!

A few weeks back (shoot we're getting close to a month ago now) a lovely mama contacted me on Etsy asking for a custom butterfly order. Like I always say, we LOVE custom orders! We really do. They're some of our more fun things we make!

The best part about this particular mom was she knew exactly what she wanted! She showered me with pictures and colors- even down to the party invitation stationary color! It was fantastic. There wasn't a single doubt in my mind about what she was expecting her butterflies to look like. I love that- things couldn't be easier. *Hint* If you want a custom order- show the person making whatever it is, lots and lots of pictures! Saying "You know, make them purple" can mean so many different things! My purple could be way different from your purple! Know what I mean?

Her particular order included both 4" and 2.5" butterflies in a soft shade of lilac. She wanted each one to have hand piped detailing- which we did with royal icing- and then to be covered in edible shimmer dust. The "eyes" were created with pearlescent white dragees.

Each butterfly was, of course, created by first making our own stencils and hand cutting every one out. Once the pieces were dry, we "glued" the pieces together using more royal icing, as well as add all the details.

They were to top her little girl's birthday cake, she herself was going to make. Gosh I hope she sends pictures! I would LOVE to see it all put together. *Hint*Hint*

She DID send pictures!!! To see her cake in all its glory, click here :)

Speaking of warmer weather (and wishing for summer to come quickly), look at what we just got in the mail?? So excited! We ordered these forever ago and kind of forgot (yeah right, who am I kidding? We were EAGERLY awaiting their arrival). Such a lovely surprise in the mail, I'd say! If you've never heard of The Avett Brothers, please please do yourself a favor and check them out!

Since we're now on the topic of sunny things...

My wonderful husband knows me all too well. I had a sad day a little while ago, so he brought these GORGEOUS flowers home for me :) The colors were amazing. Right up my alley! I still have them in the vase...sitting on my counter...wilted, hanging their heads down, mauled by cats...but I love them none-the-less.

On one of the sunnier of days we headed to downtown San Pedro for a little coffee date before driving out to Hollywood for church. Sometimes I forget how beautiful our town is. There's stuff like this..ALL OVER. Exposed brick, old wood work, rusted metal, industrial parts next to residential's a wonderful sight. That is, if you've got your eyes "open". Which we usually don't because we're buzzing around town as quick as can be, getting all our stuff done. So all the beauty of our town gets lost in "Ugh there's traffic!" or "I have to run down to _____ to get some _____ real quick!!!" or "Ahhh the post office closes in 23 minutes!!!I gotta go!"

I miss that coffee date. Things were slower that day. I like slow. We'll have to have more slow Sunday afternoons for sure. 

Happy Friday everyone! Hope your weekend is filled with slow, love-filled times with your loved ones. 


  1. Those are so beautiful!!! Once again proving that your custom orders are AWESOME!

    It's been super gloomy here too (but it's pretty normal for MN March) 80 and sunshine are on their way though! I hope the same for you!

    I love that you drive to Hollywood for church!

    1. I hope sunshine is on it's way as well. But as I type this it's grey and foggy outside. Good news is it usually burns off around 2 or we have a little sun before it starts setting. :)

      Haha, we haven't been going as often as we'd like- with gas prices almost at $4.50 a gallon here, it's a bit more expensive to get to church (than it used to be). But we try as much as we can! When we can't make it out there, we podcast it up. All his sermons are on iTunes (or the internet) for free :)

  2. Reading this post made me smile!!! I love MY butterflies and will do my best to send pics after the party!! I couldn't be happier with my order!! So glad to hear that all my specific requests were helpful and not annoying!!!!!

    1. Never annoying! The more precise the mom is with what she wants- the easier it is for us! :) You did a fantastic job at describing what you wanted!

      Please do send pics! I'd love to see them!!! :)

      Glad you liked your cuties!


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