Friday, March 16, 2012

detective party...

I have a confession...I almost threw my computer off our two story balcony this morning. I seriously, honestly, and thoroughly sat thinking about it. Thought about how good it would feel to toss it with all my strength...Thought about the amount of relief that would bring me...Then thought about stuff like, "What if I hit something?" or "What if someone got hurt?" and then "Then what would I do...?"

So I decided it was a no-go.

You see, nothing infuriates me more (or quicker) than falling behind in something (in this case, blog work), then trying really hard to catch up, only to have programs *coughPHOTOSHOPcough* not work. I guess it's not my ancient computer's fault. Why should it have to run Pandora, Facebook, Twitter, Photoshop, and about 45 other programs and things at the same time? This, is what is now known as "First World Problems". 

I had a lot of plans for these here pictures...lots of fun things I wanted to do with them...but after trying to edit and re-do over and over...and over....and over...and over...Restart my computer over and over...and over...(You get the point)...I gave up. So here we are!


Anyway, enough with my complaining. ...Wait, can I just say one more little vent? This is how my week has whole week. It was Murphy's Law in full effect. I swear. Ok, moving on....I'm rethinking about tossing 'ol Betsie off the balcony again...

A few weeks ago I had a mama on Etsy email me and ask if we would be interested in creating some edible decorations for her son's upcoming 2nd birthday. Duh! Of course we would! It's what we do, son!..err Mom!

So we emailed each other back and forth for a few days, honing all the details out. She explained that she was having a "detective themed birthday" and sent us a picture of her invitation. It was adorable to say the least. I wanted to put it up here, but unfortunately the file was WAY too small and I doubt you'd be able to see it on here. But trust me, it was cute. Maybe I'll still upload the tiny tumbnail...we'll see.

Ok, I decided yes. This literally is as big as it gets : /

There were a couple of different ways we could go...and my husband (a.k.a my right hand man and also a.k.a my artsy fartsy other half) and I exhausted all the options. We decided to do a "hand painted" approach to this.


1. We have been wanting to branch out a little bit from our usual "hand cut" way of doing decorations and have talked extensively about introducing more "hand painted" decs.

2. For the things that this mama wanted, it only seemed appropriate to hand paint each item. There was too much detail involved to sit and hand cut little foot prints, fedoras, etc. We thought we might lose the picture a bit if we did so.

3. By hand painting, and introducing this new style we open a WHOLE new door to edible decorations. When things are hand cut, we are in fact, limited a tad. But when we paint a decoration, the subjects and themes are almost endless. We're pretty excited about this. Be on the lookout for more and more ;)

What we did was cut out some 1.5" and 2.5" gum paste circles. Once dried, we hand painted "Petey faces" (the birthday boy), "Dick Tracy" inspired fedoras, number 2's, footprints, and magnifying glasses. Every aspect was to resemble that shown on the invite and was painted using edible coloring...and I think we nailed it pretty well.

I'm actually pretty excited about this. Super excited to be honest. I can't wait to see where opening this door takes us. It'll be up on Etsy from here on out as "Hand Painted Edible Decorations" and the choices as to what we paint are only limited by your imagination...and I guess size. Don't ask us to paint magical unicorns riding on a rainbow with stars and lollipops on a 1.5" decoration, k?

Because each item is hand painted, we do require a little more time for each order, and please don't forget that each dec will look slightly different (although we will try our very hardest to make each one as exact as possible).

You know what I just realized? Tomorrow is Saint Patrick's Day. Ha. We might have plans...but seeing as the hubbie works, I don't know if they'll be done or not. What about you guys? What are your plans???

Anyway, Happy Friday (again) and Happy Saint Patrick's Day to you! Wheeeeeeee!

Late Night Lover. Photo Challenge on The Paper Mama.


  1. Ok, confession time.....I have NEVER been able to get photoshop to work!! Never!!

    1. Oh no!!! :)

      It's definitely a love/hate relationship with me. I love and NEED it, but it certainly can ruin a day when it doesn't work! Good luck!!!

  2. Our computers are awful too!! So slow and always freezing up!
    Okay seriously cute cake decorations! You both are so talented so I love seeing more of your collaborations!
    And now I am SUPER excited for our cake decorations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We don't have any big plans for St. Patrick's Day. But I am going to try and make Green Cinnamon Rolls!!! eeeek!

    1. Oh thank you!!!

      WE'RE SUPER excited about your decorations as well! CAN'T WAIT to get them to you!

      Green Cinnamon Rolls?? Hmmm! Sounds awesome. Can't wait to see em! Assuming they'll be up on your blog or something ;)


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