Tuesday, March 27, 2012

easy glass jar labeling...

Ahem, excuse my cabinets.

Gosh am I excited to share this little piece of awesomeness with you all.

Seriously, excited. Giddy even.

It's funny what simple little organizational delights do to me. Add "Martha Stewart" to that, and holy moly watch out. It's like Christmas come early. Sometimes I wish I was joking.

Bill and I took a trip to Staples the other day. I think we needed paper...or was it ink? Who cares. We needed something. Upon arrival my jaw hit the floor when I saw PLASTERED along their windows a nice big advertisement for the new Martha Stewart Avery Product Line.

The now mundane trip to this particular office supply store just became like a trip to Disneyland, for a little kid. I couldn't wait to head inside and take a gander.

There they were. What I've always needed. Martha Stewart CHALKBOARD Sticker Labels. Oh my word.

You see, I have this obsession with glass jars...and chalkboard paint. My kitchen is filled with glass jars as storage, and I have been painting each jar with chalkboard paint for easy labeling. Oh how old fashioned of me! Now there's this! Haha.

The thing I love about Martha, is she makes things so easy. Not like painting on my jars wasn't easy, but this is even easier! I know we all love things that are easy.

Here's what you need:

Here's what you do:

Make sure your glass jar surfaces are clean and dry. 

Then, simply peel the chalkboard label off, and gently and carefully place across the front of your jar. The stickers are a little forgiving, so if you mess up, they'll come off once without a fuss. I wouldn't try placing and removing over and over again, though.

A few of my jars were odd shaped (what can I expect? I thrift store shop!) so the labels didn't fit quite right. No need to fret, I simply took my scissors and cut my labels to the sizes I needed. Problem solved.

Then fill your jars with whatever it is you have. I would recommend sticking to dry storage. I don't think they'll hold up to water, at all. Perfect for pantry or cabinet organizing- things that won't need washing. Which is just what I did. For things you'll be washing frequently, I'd stick to the old chalkboard paint ;)

Lastly, take some chalk and label away! They erase just like a chalkboard so you're able to relabel and change up what goes in each jar ;)

I wasn't joking about my glass jar obsession. I love the way it looks though- you can see through each container, easily deciphering what is what. Then with these labels? Even easier!

Happy organizing, friends!


  1. That's such a cool idea! I think I'll do that one day! ^_^

  2. I have been meaning to do this forever! Martha Stewart never fails. Your jars look awesome.
    And I spy Pomi tomatoes! Those are my all time favorite to buy for cooking. I think they have a better taste than canned tomatoes. And years and years ago Martha Stewart told me to use them. Well SHE didn't tell ME, but you know... in a recipe! :)

  3. This is so PERFECT. I have to have!

    e x

  4. Ladies, I PROMISE you, it is SO fun and easy! Every time I open my cabinets I go, "Aww yes. Perfection in organized form." Haha!

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