Friday, March 9, 2012

there's a special little guy I want you to meet...

I wanted to get a little more personal this morning. That's ok, right? We can do that? We're good friends right..?

When I was 16, I was given one of the best gifts ever- a little pug puppy I soon named Billy. I loved this dog. He basically went everywhere I went, with the exception of...maybe a movie theater (although I promise you I sure thought about it). Friends' houses, errand running, vacations, walks around anywhere- he was there. We were indeed, besties. 

Funny little tidbit- when I first met my now-husband (how the heck do you go about saying that?) he was introduced to me by a mutual friend. Upon hearing his name, Bill, I giggled and looked at Billy and said "Ha, that's his name too...". Cue the sparks, now please. Haha.

Anyway, as Bill and I dated more and more and we became a pretty serious item, we sort of saw ourselves as a little family- Billy included. Now instead of everywhere I went, Billy was along side anywhere we went. We loved this. It was as it always should have been.

And he was awesome too! He wasn't just your normal dog- doing dog things. I swear, there were times he took on an almost human-like quality. He'd look at us a certain way if we spoke to him, sometimes sat like a little man, "spoke" to us for certain things...hated playing catch- but would rather sit upright and join in on a gathering among friends. Oh, and he loved was great.

So it was no surprise to anyone when he was included in our wedding.

He was our ring bearer, and boy was he proud to take on the role. We bought him a little tux (which was THE CUTEST thing EVER) and I sewed the nicest ribbon to the suit's back so that on the big day, our rings would be tied together nice and secure. Then the day of our wedding, our "flower girls" each held a long ribbon which was connected to him, and walked Billy down the isle to the best man, who then untied the rings. It was beautiful. Everyone had a nice little laugh too :)

Now, we were all officially a family of three. It was Christina and the two Bill's. Haha. I didn't mind AT ALL.

Now here's the sad part (we all knew this was coming). Billy lived a short, but fun and love-filled life. He unexpectedly and OUT OF NOWHERE became pretty sick back in 2009 and one week before my 25th birthday passed away. This was, my friends, the most heart breaking time I had ever been through. I had never and have never experienced anything so painful.

BUT (here's the good news :) we mourned and we healed, and we decided to choose to be thankful for the time God blessed us with him...instead of be angry for the early passing and time we'll never have. We have awesome memories, LOTS of pictures, and our hearts will always have him residing inside. Which, I have come to be happy with.

You can get your own, right here.

Which brings me to this: It was Billy, our happiness with him, the pain, and then the renewed happiness we found after his passing that inspired my husband to create this painting. We know there are so many of you out there, who were, and are, like us with our Billy. He's made this painting (which now sits proudly in our home) from a place of understanding what it feels like to lose a furry loved one.

He's listed it up on his Etsy, for anyone to purchase ;) All he needs is a couple good pictures of your little man (or lady) and some time, and he'll hand paint your very own personal customized art piece. It's done with watercolor on BFK Rives Printmaking Paper, is an 8x10" and let me tell you, looks awesome! Oh, and it doesn't have to be a dog- he'll do any one of your little guys.

To all the Billy's out there- we LOVE and MISS you!


  1. Oh my goodness! What a cutie!Love the doggie Tux!!! It's the worst to lose a pet, because they really are more than a pet aren't they?
    I lost my cat a few years ago, he was 17 and really old and in pain, so I knew it was time. But I still miss him a lot. :(

  2. P.S. After your husband is done with the Predator birthday card for my hubby ;) I'll definitely have to have him do a picture of my cat in the future!


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