Tuesday, April 24, 2012

cloudy with a chance of...

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It's been nothing but grey here in L.A. the last week. Kind of sad actually. Can I just say I am SO very ready for the sunnier/warmer months to come our way?

I don't mean to be a Debbie Downer, but I'm tired of switching up between jeans and different colored long sleeve shirts. Bring on the tank tops and skirts!!!! I did however venture out there and sport some sandals a few days in a row...my little piggies almost froze off one of those times, but hey! Who cares, right? That same night (whichmighthavebeenthecoldestnightever) my husband and I decided it would ALSO be a great time to share some FROZEN yogurt. We're really anticipating summer. Jeez.

But today it is bright and sunny! Hurray!! It's supposed to be cold still, but I'm happy with at least seeing the sun. I swear the last two days there was NO sun in sight. It was the most grey it's been in a while.

I did check the weather in hopes for more days like today- rain Wednesday and Thursday. Haha. Booooo.

Anyway, Happy Tuesday Everyone!

How was your weekend? Ours was a GOOD one! Bowling, Chipotle, church, almost Sprinkles cupcakes (it was PAAAAAACKED), dinner with a friend, movie double date, and rest rest rest! Gosh typing that all out seems like so much in a 2 day weekend...but it sure didn't feel like it!

For Mombi's birthday, she got a box.

It was also this little one's 3rd birthday Sunday!!! YES I DO KEEP TRACK OF MY CAT'S BIRTHDAYS... So what? Who cares? I can't believe she's three! That means...we've had her in our family for 3 years! Means we've been in our "new" home for almost two...that we've been married almost 4, and that our "baby kitty" Mustachio is almost 2! Phew! It seems like she should be more like, MAYBE 1. Time flies. Happy Birthday sweet Mombi!

This week is going to be a weirder one for me (you might have noticed I've been on le Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc less and less these last few days) as we're getting ready for a teensie surgery I have to have done Friday. Ok ok, it's just my wisdom teeth...but as far as I'm concerned it's a surgery. Don't try and tell me otherwise.

So I've been busy getting the house in order, stocking shelves and fridge with all the liquid-ish foods I can find, laundry, etc so that come Friday all my husband has to worry about is trekking me to and from the Dr's office. I'm not going to lie- I'm pretty terrified. <--- That's actually a HUGE understatement. I'm like beyond terrified. BUT I have faith that I have a loving and caring Father who's watching out for me and has His hands all over this thing. We've been praying for a successful surgery where all teeth come out easy-peasy, but we're also aware that there's a chance I may have prolonged numbness and/or have to have two surgeries to get them out (one tooth may be up against a nerve). If I can- I ask for as many prayers as I can get that come Friday the Dr looks and sees no problems what-so-ever and Bam! takes all out without a single problem. I also ask for prayer for my sanity, ha. I need prayer for peace and calm. I hate dentist stuff... :( Thanks so much.

So if you don't see a lot of me this next week/weekend/beginning of next week, this is why. I will be taking it easy and resting. This is also why I have decided to put my Etsy shop on "vacation mode"...HA! I WISH it was due to a vacation. Where's the "worst time of my life" mode? "Sorry friends, Sweet Lavender Bake Shoppe has put their shop on "Freak Out Mode" because they're at home stressing and freaking out."

Wish me luck, friends....and please please keep me in your prayers. Until next time, have a GREAT week!


  1. I keep track of my cat's birthday too! :) I always joke that he is my first "baby". (Although my husband thinks i'm koo-koo!)

    Best wishes and a speedy recovery on your surgery! I bet it will go just fine and I will refrain from telling you my wisdom teeth story... but mostly because I was AWAKE!!! I was too cheap to afford sedation! Big mistake. But I'm sure you'll be sedated and the after part isn't so bad. (I actually have a cute story I should share on my blog sometime about having my wisdom teeth out and then running into the cute boy I had a crush on when I was in college.) Anywhoo...Just make sure you rest and your hubby dotes on you hand and foot and buys you cute things from etsy! :)
    HUGS!!! Take care girl!

  2. Thank you so very much (both for the prayers and for sparing me on any wisdom teeth horror stories!) ;) Feel free to share come Monday!! Haha. I know myself all too well- sedation was a MUST. There was NO way I wasn't going to be asleep. I'd just be crying and barfing the whole time. Not helpful for an oral surgeon.

    I'd love to hear any and all stories you care to share!

  3. I totally keep track of my dog's birthday - to the point where we were talking about a vacation and I said "we can't leave her alone on her birthday!" :-) I'll be thinking of you Friday and sending up a few extra prayers. My wisdom teeth weren't a big deal - Movies, popsicles, ice cream, repeat! You will do just fine! When you get home take the first dose of pain killers - don't let the numbness wear off! (That was my mistake!)


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