Tuesday, May 8, 2012

custom edible paint palettes + starting to feel back to normal...

Dear Wisdom Teeth,

I hate you with a fiery passion that burns deep within my chest. I didn't even know I had you, but from the moment I was alerted you indeed were with me- I hated every single one of you. You have brought me nothing (and I do mean nothing) but pain, discomfort, sickness, and just plain lame-o days. I hope one day you grow impacted wisdom teeth of your own, so you can have that horrendous surgery and lamest recovery you've ever experienced in YOUR WHOLE LIFE (<--see that? CAPS? That means I'm reaaaaally trying to get the point across to you). I'm glad you're gone. Good riddance!

Christina Main

There. That should do it.

HEY FRIENDS! GUESS WHAT???? I feel so much better!!! Hoooray!!!!!! Party time!!!!!!!!!!

There's still some sick days, some nausea and swelling. I still have numbness along my bottom right jaw and lip and extreme pain in some teeth...a little bit of bruising as well...but sheesh for the most part I'm doing so much better. Like....SO much better. This last week and a half was a heck of a time, let me just say. I think I might have left a permanent imprint of my whole body on the living room couch- I was laying there for so many days. Haha.

It feels so good to wake up and have tea! Oh and to be able to sit at my computer and check emails and such!! I'm still unable to open my mouth too much OR chew solids of any kind, so my usual breakfast has been replaced by smoothies...and smoothies...oh! and more smoothies. Tea and a smoothie...yum? Gosh I miss my old breakfasts...

I'm kind of in love with how these edible paint palettes came out. These super cute edible cupcake decorations were sent out the day before my surgery. The Etsy gal I chatted with wanted her color scheme to be light blue, light green, orange and yellow. I thought nothing of it, until I started mixing the colors. Then I fell in love...like quick.

Dang! You see that up there? I just gave away a little secret to my madness. I make handmade cornets (tiny piping bag-like things) out of parchment paper (culinary school/pastry chef trick), fill with my colored royal icing, and then pipe away! I can cut the tip to any size I want (small snip for thin piping/detail work, larger cut for a bigger opening/less detailed work). The best thing about making your own cornets is there is NO clean up. Fill, pipe, and toss into trash. WIN!

Available here

I don't really have any idea what this particular customer was purchasing her palettes for- but my imagination says she's having an art inspired birthday for a little boy. Complete with different stations for finger painting, canvas art making, and other fun kid-craft-things for them to make and take home.

Am I close?

Get these here!


  1. YAY!! You're back!! I'm so glad you are finally feeling better. Those pesky wisdom teeth never brought me any knowledge!



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