Wednesday, May 30, 2012

happy first birthday little addison!...


Remember this post we did? A little girl named Addison was soon to have her very first birthday. Her mama was planning a very special celebration filled with cake, butterflies, and lots of sweet lilac colors.

Remember how I was "hinting" ever so NOT discretely that I was hoping the mama who ordered our edible butterflies would send pictures? Bwahaha! She did! Hoooooray!

Nothing makes my morning more, than opening up my email to a "thank you" filled with the cutest know, like these...

She told me she would be making her own cupcake cake...I had no idea it would look this great! Good job!

I kind of like this's like she's going, "Hmmmm...ok...yeah why are you on here? Get off so I can get to my cake!!"

And then there's this one! Oh my heavens, I love this one. Look how proud she is of her cake-demolishing job! And those cheeks! Gaaaaaaaw! I'm in love with her cheeks! I am a sucker for big cheeks on babies. I'm actually a sucker for chubby babies as well- to me, the more rolls the merrier...but that's a different story.

I'm just so incredibly happy that these photos were shared with me. Thank you so so so much! And little Addison, happy birthday sweet girl- looks like you thoroughly enjoyed it!

Now some fine print...
*The butterflies shown were a custom order. You are more than welcome to purchase what we've shown or what's listed on our Etsy
*Pictures were provided by the mother and I was given permission to post on Sweet Lavender Bake Shoppe's blog.
*Pictures were unedited and left as were provided to me.
*Please refrain from removing pictures from this blog post for your own use. As they're not mine to give permission for you to do so. 


  1. Christina Makes Birthdays Better! :)

    The mom did a beautiful job on the cake! And I LOVE the butterfly! So pretty!!!

    1. Didn't she?! I was absolutely floored at how good of a job she did!

  2. There is nothing better than chubby cheeks covered in their first chocolate cake. The pictures you take are adorable enough, but seeing this little girl enjoying it is so much better!!

    1. Chubby cheeks are the best! I wish I could claim these photos! They were graciously given to me by the mama- and permission was granted to use on the blog :) So she was the great photographer you see!


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