Tuesday, May 15, 2012

happy first birthday little Everett!...

Keep the birthday photos coming friends! Seriously...please? Will ya?

Remember this post we did not very long ago?

I was beyond excited to work on this custom Etsy order. Whole-heartedly excited. You see, I've always been kind of in love with Greek Mythology. I remember really being introduced to it in my 12th grade advanced placement (AP) English class. First period, Mrs. Pomella. 8am every morning, tired 16-18 year olds, one whole hour, ADVANCED ENGLISH..yet she had a way of making it truly fun. Anyway, she had us read so many amazing books and stories- including a lot of Greek Mythology...and I just loved them all.

So, when Miss Sabrina over at Superfluous contacted me asking if we'd be interested in making her son's first birthday decs...and that they'd be Greek inspired...I couldn't say yes fast enough. I did try to play it cool though. You know, the whole.."Oh what? You want us?...Uhhhh yeah...sure...I guess so...I think we might be able to...or something."

Just kidding. I immediately screamed YES! into my computer as I typed my even quicker reply.

She ordered a Greek inspired edible name plaque to top her cake, as well as edible lightning bolts to top her cupcakes.

I have to say, she did an excellent job with her cake!!! The cupcakes too! Jeez, the decorations as well. I guess she did a great job all around. Let the hand clapping commence.

Pretty cool huh???

Thanks so much Sabrina for sharing with me (and now all of us). Oh, and Happy Birthday little Everett!

Now some fine print...
*You are more than welcome to purchase what we've shown, on our Etsy
*Pictures were provided by the mother and I was given permission to post on Sweet Lavender Bake Shoppe's blog.
*Pictures were unedited and left as were provided to me.
*Please refrain from removing pictures from this blog post for your own use. As they're not mine to give permission for you to do so.


  1. We make an excellent team! But seriously, your decorations were so fabulous! So fun and easy to work with you! Thanks again for your help in making Everett's big day so special!

    I love all your technical jargon too. :)

  2. Hello new friend! I'm Regina, one of Simply Dove's other sponsors for May and had to come over to your blog after reading your intro! I hope you're having a wonderful day and I look forward to learning more about you and your desserts. :)

    1. Hello! How funny, I was JUST looking at your blog! Love yours so much!!!

      Nice to meet you, and YES- come by from time to time and let's have a chat! :)

  3. oh my this cake is adorable!!


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