Friday, May 11, 2012

my recovery, in pictures (+ some writing)...

I thought it would be fun to give you all a little personal insight into my world. There are no recipes in this blog, no DIYs or neat things you can do to make your home look truly Anthropologie-esq. You won't find a better sugar alternative or healthier way to eat. In fact, there's plenty of fattening yummies pictured that included SUGAR, FATS, CARBS, and gasp! NO VEGGIES or FRUITS...You know- the most delicious stuff, haha.

I'm already sticking my foot in my mouth for that last part. I'll deal. Eat healthy, people- it's good for you. But when your whole mouth and head (and body) feel like you were trampled by a stampede of crazy obese elephants due to your latest surgery- then eat whatever the heck you want (or can)! You'll be just fine. Believe me.

So if you're looking for some wonderful craft idea or your next child's room project, you'll be sadly disappointed. I just want to be real and open and honest with you all and share how the last few weeks have been for me, personally. Case in point: picture above...No make-up, hair hadn't been brushed in days- I threw the front into a clip and snapped a shot while wishing I could be outside in that warm warm sun. I hope you'll warmly join me.

Needless to say ever again, recovery from my latest surgery was a douzy. I promise this will be the last you hear of it.

This was indeed a true true struggle, that almost left me in the hospital at the end of the first week. We had no idea I wouldn't handle the anesthesia very idea my pain medication would do what it idea the Oral Surgeon would have as much of a struggle as he did removing some of my wisdom teeth. But we dealt with each new challenge, and came out extremely victorious! Hooray!

My husband planned on taking 2 work days off for my recovery. This would get us through the weekend and then some. Totally good in our book. He ended up having to take another day off after the weekend, followed by another 1/2 day a few days later as I was so sick I thought I might need an ambulance.

The first 3 days were spent like pictured above- so out of it and in pain all I could do was sleep my life away. Mombi girl, was the BEST friend a girl could ever ask for! She never left my side. Ever. There were times I wish she would get off me- I felt claustrophobic and desperately needed some "space". You see, my sweet loving girl weighs close to 15 pounds and loves to use claws if anything frightens her, which is frequently. ...But kitties know best I assume, as she would promptly jump back up and spread out across me.

I won't was actually extremely comforting having her so snuggly.

You know who wasn't snuggly nor my friend? This one. Anything I had on the table (you know, pills, chapstick, ice packs, heat pads, kleenex, barf bowls, water, straws, etc) would be eventually knocked on the floor, or inspected. By "inspected" I mean, "made a mess of". Thanks Mustachio.

It's funny what you think of when you can't talk or move. When it's been day after night after day after night of being in the same place, in the sort of same position, you tend to do a lot of thinking. At first it's sort of surfacey thoughts, you know- "Gosh when is this going to stop?" "Ugh, I feel so terrible" "Shoot I wish Bill could get me that juice" "Gosh I am so starving!" But then as time continues this way, your thoughts begin to change as well.

You begin to really see things like what a wonderful home you live in. Because you've been looking at the same walls for days, you start to really "see" how truly blessed you are. You see again, with new eyes all the pictures you have up- family and friends having joyous times. You see your "get well" cards and really appreciate those people who have taken the time to say they're thinking of you. Not only cards BUT visits too! Oh those people are amazing! Our parents both ran out to get last minute things for us without a wink and some even kept us company on a few different occasions. How blessed we are with such supportive family!

Then you see your servant-spirited husband. This is the man who had to feed you the first day or two. Who spent a lot of time in the kitchen making you the best vitamin-packed smoothies that he possibly could so you could try to get some sort of nutrients. This is the same man who had no idea how to use a Cuisinart just a few months ago, haha. But now he's a pro!

The man who cleaned up puke stains and drips and changed ice packs and heat pads as frequently as you needed. The guy who carried you into the bathroom and then carried you back. Oh! and without a single complaint. This is where you really start to see just how lovely he is and just how blessed you are- being married to such an amazing example of Christ's love. If my husband is this compassionate and loving and servant-minded and selfless, just imagine how much more Jesus is! I thought this over and over again.

Not only that, but this husband of mine gets me so much that he brought me home little fun gifts that he knew would make me feel better. One of those things, don't laugh- the new Trader Joe's scratch & sniff stickers. I LOVE THEM! The cedar one was the best.

Also, my servant-leader husband continued to work his butt off! Not only at his day job, but also on his Etsy. Order after order came pouring in, and he was able to perfectly balance work, Etsy, and me. He always does this stuff...but I was seeing just how wonderfully lovely he really is.

Speaking of smoothies...I've never had so many in my whole life. I might be pompous enough to say I am kind of a smoothie Queen now. My husband, the King. We can whip you up some of the most tasty AND fully nutritious smoothies you've had. I'd go into smoothie competitions- if there were some, haha. Gaaaaaaaw I drank so many! I still am :/ My mouth isn't opening up as much as I would like, and I am still completely numb on my bottom right getting food in and chewing isn't exactly the most fun I've ever had. I still eat lots of soft foods, purees, and....smoothies.

This one was one of my favs. Hear me out before you stick your nose up at the ingredients used... When your only meals are in the form of liquids, you need to get creative with how to get dairy, protein, fruits and veggies, carbs and fiber, etc all in one meal.

Organic strawberries
Ground flax
Vanilla almond milk
Silken organic tofu
Organic natural unsalted peanut butter
Organic fresh spinach
Organic fresh kale
Organic blue agave
And...a handful of old fashioned (uncooked) oats!

Seriously yummy.

There were also a few trips, once I felt better, to our local frozen yogurt shop. They make some tasty stuff. My favorite? A mix of coconut and pistachio flavored frozen yogurt. I tried to be courageous and add some cake bites...they were too hard to chew, so I sort of smashed them to death with my tongue and roof of mouth. I'm glad I only got like...5 or something.

I started to feel better after day 4 or so...but then quickly took a turn for the worst come day 6. Day 6 and 7 were some of the harder days I've ever experienced. Bill was back at work- I was now being left completely alone (which felt great!) I had my fridge full of smoothies and soup purees, as well as lots of magazines. I was good to go!

But I got sick...and had a reaction to the pain med that we weren't prepared for and only 3 hour after Bill got to work, he was on his way home again. Throughout the next two days, we prayed and prayed for my healing. When extreme pain would shoot up or baths would lose their helpful healing...when I would fall to the ground in gut wrenching pain, I started to get angry with God. I never do this. Like seriously, never. I'm just not one to blame Him. I just love and trust Him! But these two days started to get me thinking.... Why God? Like seriously, why? I should be feeling better now, not worse! What's your problem!? I remember saying to my husband as I spent a good 9 hours in the bathroom- "Why is He doing this to meee?!?!!?" 

The funny thing about God- He just loves you. He loves me. He has plans for good! He has plans to prosper you and plans to keep you safe! (Jeremiah 29:11) And I know this...but He needed to remind me. So the next time I had a lull in my pain I went on Facebook for what seemed like 45 seconds only to see a picture that said...

"I will trust God, even in the silence".

Wham! This just spoke the world to me. God wasn't necessarily "answering" my pleas and cries and prayers of getting better NOW! But He was answering my prayer His own way. He was silent, but I didn't die. I didn't even go to the hospital. True those days were incredibly lame, but I now see all the wonderful love and support and just...just the greatness of His earth and people He's placed around me. And I'm not on this blog cursing His name, I'm here declaring His glory and wonderful love! In my whole heart I believe He was there with me from the moment I walked into that Oral Surgeon's office. He never left me. 

In fact, as I was on the table being strapped down and staring at my husband while tears were streaming down my face I swear to you, all I heard over and over again was "Be still and know, Christina, that I am God" (Psalm 46:10). Then I went out. 

Even more funny, later on in the week while on Instagram one of my followers-turned-friend (whom I've never met nor talked to outside of Instagram) used that same verse while talking to me about some hard time I was having that specific day. I couldn't believe it!

Anyway...God is cool.

Once I started really feeling better, the first official un-pureed thing I tried to eat was, naturally, a slice (a HUGE SLICE) of chocolate cake. We're all friends here, so no need to lie- it was from our nearest grocery store. There was nothing fancy about it. I'm sure it was loaded with corn syrup and vegetable shortening and first borns...but oh my word it was THE BEST chocolate cake I've ever had. Hands down. I smooshed about 1/2 of it little by little into my mouth and Got.It.Down!

Next up, now that I was basically a solid-food-eating champion- Trader Joe's organic white cheddar and shells- pureed....with added flax. Have you ever tried it this way? Because it's surprisingly yummy! Thicker than cement, and will fill you for days...but pretty yummy! It took me about 2 days to get it all down.

Then there were eggs...and more eggs...oh and more eggs! The perfect food! Eggs! Eggs, eggs, eggs, eggs, eggs!

And THEN, there were banana pancakes. *Drool* My favorite way to eat pancakes. I'll take waffles over pancakes any day...but make me some banana pancakes, with the banana caramelized on one side from your hot skillet? I'll forget all about my beloved waffles! These were tough to eat, but made with love- so I smooshed them into oblivion and slowly got them down!

Here's where things get really fun! By day 9 or 10 I actually felt good enough to get dressed and go for a walk around our neighborhood! This was the BEST! It was sunny, but windy...later in the day so things were getting quiet. Bill and I slowly took the block or two, hand in hand and just enjoyed each other's company. On our way back we saw this tree with the weirdest looking little fruits. I thought to myself "Looks like nectarines...but they're so tiny!" We picked one...sniffed...sure enough they smelled like nectarines! Then we did a big no-no and taste tested. Success! They were!

And downright amazing. Sweeter than honey and so incredibly juicy! So we picked a few and munched later on. None were bigger than an egg.

Then it happened- we went out for a little quick date night to our favorite Mexican Food place. My first night out!!!! It is about 30 seconds from our house, so we knew we'd be safe. I decided to be extra safe and just stick to a bean and cheese burrito- or at least just eat the inside. I got about 1/2 way through before needing to go home "STAT!". So our date only lasted 30 minutes, and ended with me in the bathroom. But totally worth it ;)

When I could finally look at electronics again, I quickly got on my phone ;) Pinterest was such a wonderful time passer. I found this picture that said "Enjoy the little things" (I'd post the picture but I again don't have the correct artist source, sorry). Anyway, I loved that saying! It was so true to me! Being made to lay still and not do anything...being made to keep quiet and keep to myself I started to truly appreciate and enjoy all the little things.

I enjoyed sunshine through my windows.
I enjoyed being able to open my eyes.
I enjoyed being able to talk.
I enjoyed being able to brush my teeth again.
I enjoyed my parents' weird quirky ways.
I enjoyed my God.
I enjoyed being able to take myself to the bathroom.
I enjoyed our quiet time together.
I enjoyed being able to feed myself!
I enjoyed a full night's sleep.
I enjoyed my husband.
I enjoyed my kitties.
I enjoyed reading all of your prayers and concerns via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
I enjoyed hot water in the form of baths and later on- showers.

Oh, and I did enjoy more chocolate cake.


  1. Amazing road and so happy it is behind you!

    1. Yes ma'am. Very much indeed! So am I! <3

  2. So sorry you had to go through this in the first place. But you have such a beautiful perspective on the situation.
    I'm glad you are on the mend!

  3. Wow! Bless your hubby, and you for going through it! That chocolate cake looks! I hope you have healthy, happy days ahead!

    1. Feeling almost perfect now, thanks so much!

  4. I am so sorry you had to go through this. What a blessing you and your husband are to each other! "Be still...." is a verse that has kept me going through some pretty tough times; I am glad you understand :)

    Whitney Edens (jimbobswife)

    1. Thank you thank you!! You were the one I was referring to about the "Be still..." ;)

      By the way! I didn't know you blogged!!! Good to know!

    2. I used to post infrequently... I was never very good about making the time to do that. Then I started working on a Masters. Between being a half-time graduate student, a full-time teacher of at-risk students, and an all-the-time mom/wife, not to mention church committments, I have not done a very good job of documenting daily life. BUT nothing is more important than family, and those little babies are growing up. I am recommitting myself to blogging about them once per week. Wish me luck... ;)


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