Tuesday, May 29, 2012

why cuties, you're looking very dapper today...

Holy cow it's hard to get going this morning! Happy Tuesday everyone? Are you feeling the pain like I am? I'm serious...my brain is just...not...wanting...to...work...today. I'm finding it hard to think of the words to write, let alone spell everything correctly. I apologize in advance if there are ANY spelling or grammar errors what so ever!

My husband works every Saturday so for us we only had a two-day weekend (some of you had a 4 day!!?!??! Jealous!) But BOY DID WE PACK OUR TWO DAYS FULL!

Oh my word.

I'm beat, exhausted, run down, tired, bonkers, heavy, sleepy....but in a good way ;) This weekend was just so fun. I'm a little embarrassed to say we did not have any BBQ's...but we still made this one of my favorite weekends this year.

We had a lovely date day to Griffith Park after church got out, Sunday. It was gorgeous Sunday! Perfectly warm, sun shiny, and just lovely. We tried to actually go to the Griffith Park Observatory (I have never been) but OH MY WORD were there SO many people!!! We could barely maneuver our car around the street/parking lot let alone find anywhere to actually park. PEEPS WERE CRAZZZZZY! So, we said that would be a "No go". Ok by me! We then found tucked away in the park, the nicest little place to eat- The Trails Cafe. There we sat on picnic benches with other peeps and their doggies (which is super cool by us- we LOVE dogs), while surrounded by twinkle lights and lanterns, and tall tall trees. We enjoyed a HUGE slice of apple pie and puff pastry wrapped hot dogs.Yum right?

Then Monday we got up nice and early and met our super duper sweet friends from Arizona, at Knott's Berry Farm! We usually only get to see them once or twice a year :( <--Super sad face. So we always try to make the most out of it when we can. Plus when we see them, we see our little godson- and that's always a good thing. He's getting SO big! Already 3, already talking (last time we visited them he was barely blurbing sounds and squeals), and already on the verge of taking over the world.

We all had SO MUCH FUN.

But before my weekend began, I was a working machine Friday and Saturday. There were orders I had to fulfill, blogs that had to be written (which I am SO excited about...this one included), pictures that had to be taken and edited...and so on.

I was so excited about these pictures and little edible cuties that I almost posted this on Saturday!

:) Kind of glad I didn't.

So, drumroll please.....

Introducing our newest edible decoration.......

Our Edible Bow Ties!!!


I knew as soon as I made these, I had to get pictures of them up...and as QUICK AS POSSIBLE! I'm IN love!!! IN LOVE!

Maybe it's the whole Mad Men thing going around...maybe it's the new "hipster" craze...or maybe it's just my love for bow ties...these are by far, my favorite thing we make. Shhhh, don't tell the other cuties. Look how sophisticated they look?! Hair...errr frosting all combed to the side and nicely set, bow tie on just right, wearing their best little wrappers they could find. They're just so cute!..or manly....or...gentleman-like.

Available now on our Etsy shop for you all to purchase for your next party. We make every single thing on there by hand (can you say "phew!"?), to order, and with love ;) All decorations are made out of gum paste using stencils my husband makes himself. This gives us our very own look and feel :) We then hand color, hand cut, and in some circumstances hand paint/pipe.

Our bow ties can be custom colored however you'd like, are available with or without polka dots, and would be PERFECT for the  Don Draper gentleman in your life. Father's Day anyone?? Yes, the mustaches are sold separately :)

Alright, before I fall asleep typing...or type something I'll later be embarrassed about- I'll leave with a simple "Talk to you soon, friend!"

Pssst...seriously, go check those bow ties out! ;)


  1. I thought of Rhett Butler when I first saw these, haha

  2. I'm so glad you and your friends had a great time at Knott's! I haven't been to a theme park in so long. Your bowties are too cute!

    Hmmm, do you guys do wedding cakes?!

    1. We have made a few wedding cake decorations! I'd love to work with you!!!!! :D


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