Thursday, June 21, 2012

a garden themed party + dawson's creek madness...

I'm going to cut to the chase.

I made a sad discovery last night...I am completely addicted (once again) to Dawson's *stupid* Creek.

Someone please come stab my eyeballs and eardrums out now. I just can't help it and I know I have no one to blame but myself. It's completely my own fault. I knew back when it was first out (you know...14 years ago <---- SHOOOOOOOOOOT!) that it was a good show, but I figured that since I am not a 14 year old dramatic teenage girl anymore (some could definitely argue the "dramatic" part), I could watch the show once more- and not get hooked. Didn't happen. In my defense I only watched up to season 3 or so back then. So really this all makes perfect sense- I just wanted to get some closure on the show- wanted to see what finally happened to those friends of mine... You know- Dawson, Jack, Joey, Pacey, Jen...and so on.

But here I am...half way through season 2...finding myself tearing up and hating certain characters. Turing to my husband and saying, "Can you believe that?!" or "What was he/she thinking?!!?" or "UGH! They need to just _____ already!" I'm wishing I could watch 546 episodes in a row instead of doing things know...sleeping and working and eating and stuff. Oh boy.

The funny thing too is- it seems everyone is on this new Dawson's Creek train! I feel like all my blog friends are doing the same thing! What happened?!?! WHY ARE WE DOING THIS?! Hahaha. Didn't we all watch it enough back in junior high and high school??? Didn't we all get our fill??? And why is a show about 15-17 year olds so INTERESTING!??! IT IS SO INTERESTING!!!! Someone please please come stop me....before....before I do things like talk in complete and utter vocabulary way too complex and diverse for my current position in middle class society <--- See what I mean?!?!?!

Maybe that's a good thing actually. I'm sure my current vocabulary that consists of words like: "like" and "caca" and "stuff" and "shooo gurrrrrl" could use a little revamping.

Dawson's Creek- if you have no idea what I'm talking about...good. It's probably better that way.

BUT, I have been working still! I promise I have been. I've actually been able to peel my eyes off of Netflix long enough to get some orders done ;) This makes my husband happy.

My latest thing I am completely in love with? These garden themed edible decorations! Oh man do I love these. Some are old but made-over and some are brand spankin' new! Take a peeky-peek will ya?

Edible Bumble Bees

Bumble Beeeeeeees!!!

I have been mulling this idea around in my brain for some time now. But then Dawson's Creek came along and all extra brain space that was once devoted to being creative was sucked up and absorbed into DawsonsCreekATopia. I all of a sudden wanted to make sailboats, docks, khakis, backpacks, E.T, bad hair styles and 2" circles with the most ridiculous long words I could think of.

Somehow these got made. And I'm sure you guessed it already- I am indeed in love with them. 2" circles of gum paste...little bumble bee bodies hand cut out of yellow gum paste...and then stripes, wings, and a stinger is hand-piped at the very end :) Isn't he a cutie!? You can get these little guys here!

Large Edible Handmade Flowers

Then there's these gorgeous gals! Yes, these are indeed gals. Don't argue. Again, I had been meaning to offer more edible flower decorations- they're increasingly popular and we had only been offering one type. But you know...Dawson...and Joey...and Pacey...and stuff.

But alas, they too were made and holy moly! Perfect on top of regular sized cupcakes or even spaced around a cake- these are hand cut and hand formed. I didn't realize how much fun I would have making these...I guess I was always under the impression flowers were this incredibly hard and risky thing to make. They weren't so bad actually! Totally worth it too! Pink not your thing? That's cool, I don't judge- get them whatever color you want!

You can get these edible flowers here!

Edible Butterflies

Then there's these butterflies! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep butterflies! We've done them in white (which I do love- gives a classic feel to them) and have also made them in a pink...but I'm kind of liking them in the golden yellow and bright blue, eh?

Again, hand cut, hand formed, and hand piped- our butterflies would be great on birthday cupcakes or cakes...but also equally as adorable on bridal shower treats OR baby shower desserts as well! I can totally see some of the yellow guys up on some baby shower cupcakes, can't you?

Available here :)

Edible Tiny Flowers

Here's that "one type" of flower decoration I was talking about a few cuties ago. These tiny edible flowers were one of the first things we ever made and offered to purchase on Etsy. Boy have things grown from there! Never ever thought we'd be where we are now!

So yeah, I love these guys and yes they have a very special place in my heart. Hand made, hand colored, formed, and completely custom made (again, don't like pink? That's A-OK!) You can get these here.

Last but certainly not least- we are still offering our edible ladybug decorations for your garden themed party.  The first of our "bugs", these little ladies are just too cute. She sits atop a 2" gum paste circle and is made of royal icing, food coloring, and high quality gum paste. I imagine there's a lot of these girls around Dawson's Creek.... Capeside has ladybugs...right? Why wouldn't they...

They better. *shakes fist*

So, I better get going. There's lots have to really get to....

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  1. I'm on season 6! (I had a marathon over last weekend) :)
    Some episodes I swear I won't watch any longer. But then the next episode I'll be sucked back in! Stop the madness!

    I seriously want a garden party right now with all those beautiful insects and flowers!! I LOVE the bees... but the pink flowers are my fav, and the yellow butterfly! Lovely!

    1. SABRINA!!!!!!

      We had a marathon this past weekend too! Shhh...don't tell my husband I said that. He...uh...of COURSE....wasn't involved in...uhh...this marathon at all!

      Season 1 was HARD TO WATCH...I was like "COME ON ALREADY!"...but I have to admit Season 2 is beginning (finally) to get a lot better. Bill just found out about Jack and you know- Dawson and Joey know.

      I still remember some of these episodes so I'm excited to get to new ones I've never seen.

      BY THE WAY- please...tell me you know what I'm talking about: WHAT IS UP WITH THE ONE LINERS AND THEN WALKING AWAY LEAVING THE OTHER PERSON HANGING!??!!? WHO DOES THAT?! I'm pretty over that.

      The end.

  2. To my wife,

    We have Gran Torino waiting in a lovely little Netflix parcel and it would like to get seen by your eyeholes. Maybe we can put those zombies from Capeside to rest for the evening and see a crotchety old Clint Eastwood water his lawn. Maybe? What's that? Oh is it Dawson's Creek time? Yeah ok, I'll be in in a second...just posting a comment on your blog.

    Your Husband


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