Friday, June 29, 2012

happiness is...

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One way I know my husband is truly happy is he sings really loud while he does the end of the day's dishes.

I mean...loud.

Loud and...well with made up words that might frighten one who hasn't lived with him for as long as I have.

The thing is, I would never ask him to stop or lower his voice. Ever. It's actually become music to my ears...literally. There are times when days or weeks go by and all I hear is the sound of running sink water while I straighten up the house from the day's activities. I hate that. At first I really notice the eerie and displeasing quiet..but like many things, I can get used to it. Sometimes I can go periods of time not even thinking about how much I miss that singing.

And then it'll start up again. It's these times I cherish the most. Like a breath of fresh air after living years in a smoggy get that "Oh yeah!!" feeling. It's now, after that span of quiet time, that I know something was wrong in our home. Whether it be between us, just revolving around him, or some outside isn't until that first night I hear his "unique" songs come flowing out that I'm assured we've fixed whatever wasn't working properly. I can't help but smile and giggle as I pick up pillows, cat toys, cups and papers. It's nights like these that I know life is good and things are again working as they should.

Some nights he'll sing songs of worship. I love these nights! Whether it's traditional songs I too know the words of, or songs from a Christian hardcore band he's recently fallen in love with, I love to hear him praising and worshiping our Lord. These nights are really special. God loves this! It pleases Him so very much to hear His children sing songs to Him.

"Instead, glorify His mighty works, singing songs of praise." -Job 36:24

"Then I will praise God's name with singing, and I will honor him with thanksgiving." -Psalm 69:30

"Worship the LORD with gladness. Come before him, singing with joy." -Psalm 100:2

Last night was one of those "unique song" nights. He's been singing a bit more lately (which is so wonderful), but last night was filled with the loudest most...crazy lyrical songs I have ever heard! I actually stopped at one point and just stood there listening. It's quite the thing to experience. Last night consisted of his own version of "Mr. Sandman"...and included things like punching Mr. Sandman in the face...I'll leave it at that (it was pretty funny). But, like I said...having known Bill for so long, it's music to my ears. Plus...he actually has an AMAZING singing voice. All joking aside on that one.

Sometimes he'll catch me laughing, or taping him (eeeek!)...But we usually always end in both of us laughing at how ridiculous the songs end up becoming.

What about you guys? What's one way you definitely know your spouse is happy and life is going the way it should? What is your family's happiness detector? I'd be really interested to hear!


  1. I know when Richard is happy and pleased with life when he takes pictures. Hes a professional photographer and takes photos {for others} all of the time. But when he is happy he will stop to take a photo of the sunset, or the kids in a candid moment, or me, or maybe some flowers. Its like he wants to capture each moment of happiness. Sometimes he will share it with the world and keep our most intimate moments to ourselves, but it always makes me smile when I see his phone in camera ready action.

    1. Isn't that happiness just the greatest feeling?? I mean, when my husband shows his true happiness I can't help but smile and giggle. It's the best!


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