Monday, June 25, 2012

july button swap now open...

Believe it or not (I don't) July is almost here. 


Being summer (and you know when summer is here everyone starts getting into lovely happy moods) I wanted to start doing something fun on this here bloggity blog. I wanted to offer a blog button swap! Are ya interested??

Here's how it works:

Just email me before the end of this month at sweetlavenderbakeshoppe (at) yahoo (dot) com and provide me with a lovely button of your blog (please keep it to 200x100).

Then I'll email ya back with one of mine. You put mine up and I'll put yours up!

The end. Hahahahaa.

Easy right?

Later on in the month I'll be emailing you again asking for some super fun stuff so I can write up a "Featured Sponsors" blog post. This is where you all will really be able to shine, talk about lovely stuff, and showcase yourself!

Why do this? advertising! That's why!!! Who doesn't love them some free advertising??? What better way to attract more followers to your blog than through showcasing yourself on someone else's...? Plus it's super fun and builds a lovely blogging community where there's NO competition, only love- youknowwhatimean?

Space is limited, and is of course "first come, first served" get on it!


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