Friday, June 15, 2012

my month, in pictures...

I had been meaning to do this for a while now...but you know....things got in the way...and stuff. I'm actually wanting to make this more of a "week" or "weekend" in pictures rather than "month", but know...things...and such.

Well that, and there was this post and this post I wanted to needed to write on.

Oh and then there was all the Dawson's Creek I've been reliving my adolescent years watching...again. Can't stop watching. Must finish all 395706 seasons. Must revert back to 1998 when I was 14. Aggggg!

It'll happen. Maybe next time.

This month I...

Got out of town...ish:

  1. Sunday a few weekends ago, my husband and I decided to take a little drive to the Griffith Observatory after church. The view of downtown Los Angeles was incredible!
  2. Our church isn't too far from downtown- it's actually located in Hollywood. This is our view to church every time!
  3. The drive to the Observatory was ridiculously packed. I'm talkin' "crazies everywhere, cars almost running into each other, oh wait cars RUNNING into each other, people parked down the 5 MILE HILL sweating and huffing their way up the hill, angry looks, stink faces, overheated stalled cars, panic everywhere" packed. I guess everyone had the same idea to come to this place on this very day. So we drove slowly and carefully (slow and steady wins the race!) up that darn hill, sat in the car and looked at the building, smiled, and drove back down the hill. Success!
  4. There it is again.

Ate some delicious foods:

  1. Quick dinner one night consisted of what I like to call, "Oh there's 3 eggs and left over marinara and a handful of spinach and 4-5 mushrooms" pasta... It was fantastic, filling, and hit the SPOT!
  2. Imagine this: Fennel thinly sliced, organic pears, pink grapefruit, homegrown chives, and a simple vinaigrette...dinner is served! Recipe up later? Yes? No?
  3. After an afternoon date with a friend I hadn't seen in some time led us to our town's local Farmer's Market, these dark purple and red cherries were bought AND DEVOURED! MmMmm cherry season!
  4. A little tucked away cafe in the middle of a trail in downtown L.A. + hipster cooks and bakers + hungry Bill and Christina = this amazingly yummy and seriously shockingly good apple pie. PS- It was huge!

Dated my husband in Pasadena, CA:

  1. We both attended different colleges in Pasadena during our dating years. He, art school and moi, culinary. It was actually strange that they both ended up being minutes from each other in the same dang town. Not planned, but very much enjoyed. Whenever we can, we like to take the 45 minute drive back up to Pasadena to reminisce about those couple of years. *Nerd Alert* My husband loves graphic novels. ;)
  2. Awkward angles and stranger shadows. This was a good date day. 

Had intense Mustachio time:

  1. A friend titled this, "HI THERE! WATCHA DOIN?!" I laughed so hard. Mustachio cannot leave my side. This was my view as I was crocheting.
  2. I repeat, cannot leave my side. Moments and a small break later, this is what I returned to my project with...
  3. Did I tell you all about this certain cat I have who really just needs to be in my direct vision at all possible times!?
  4. Another friend titled this, "Praying pose", haha. The husband and I called it "Belly Cat"... 

Enjoyed the many talents my husband continues to display:

  1. Need an iPod or iPhone speaker quicker than you can say, "Shoot! I really need an iPhone speaker thinggy!"?? Have no fear. Just place your device in a...uhhh...metal sauce pot and the music will be amplified! Seriously...this works. Bowl, hillbilly speaker with built in handle...doesn't matter. Do it. Try it. You're welcome. 
  2. Custom watercolor dog (or pet) portrait. This is Chet. He was loved very very much by his mom and dad :) Oh and he liked sticks. Get your own here.

Worked and worked and...worked on Etsy orders:

  1. Hand painted and hand piped zebra striped edible cupcake toppers.
  2. Mustaches for men...and women?

Acquired new things!:

  1. The BEST kinds of mail day, EVERRRRRRRRR!
  2. Saw these delightful brightly colored lovelies while out with my mom, loved them, snapped a pic of them...and then forgot what they were called. Instagram friends to the rescue! I was informed they are indeed called, Celosias. I just adore their colors!
  3. Spent an afternoon planting new herbs (dill, tarragon, CINNAMON basil!??!!, and lemon thyme), strawberries, jalepenos, and tomatoes into pots for our patio (with my mom). Cannot wait until they make me some food! AND IF THEY DON'T!!! *shakes fist angrily*...
  4. Finally bought a pair of new shoes. Bill made me. I am so serious! I, Christina Main, had to be asked by my husband to get new shoes. My most favorite pair ever in the whole wide world...had holes! Gasp! I'm not a huge shoe person...I guess. I mean maybe I am- but for some reason I just haven't been in a shoe buying mood? Oh wait- maybe it's a combination of that and the fact that good shoes ARE FREAKING EXPENSIVE?! Yeah that sounds about right. But it's been a while since I bought a pair. THESE BABIES I just adore! Keds, you rock my socks off. Literally! Look at the picture!

Hit up the ol Knott's Berry Farm with some very very good friends:

  1. Bill having a very deep discussion aboard the little kid's train, with our godson Owen. 
  2. Owen's older brother, Ian casually walks across the bridge. Casually is the key word. You know what Bill and I did, come our turn to cross? Jumped up and down and ran back and forth like mad men. Not "Mad Men" as in dignified charmers who wear suits and ties and drink scotch and work in fancy art advertising companies. I mean "mad men" as in straight up crazies. Who's the adult now Ian!?!? Hmmmmm!??!!?!? Pft. 
  3. Delicious lunch indeed! Boysenberry Punch anyone?!?!
  4. I love this girl. I love Twilight. I love Edward. She knows this. She bought these shirts for us. She rules.
So next time you see this I'll say, "How was your week/weekend???" But because I'm on a red eye flight to Loserville for massive procrastination I'll have to leave with a "So how was YOUR month?!?!?" No seriously, how was it?

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  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun! I haven't been to the observatory in forever. This is motivation to go. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Oh please go! It's fantastic up there (just go on an "off" day...or else be prepared to BATTLE people!)

  2. Your pictures are always so lovely!! I dream of living in CA someday... it's my favorite state to visit!
    My husband LOVES graphic novels. Obsessed!

    1. It's funny- the grass is certainly always greener I think....Those that don't live in California are just in love with the state. Those that live here (me included- born and raised) are DYING to get out. Ha. My dream is to live in a small town where bars on windows/doors and fences in yards are optional. NOT mandatory ;)


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