Friday, June 22, 2012

this week...

Happy Friday!!!! Woot Woot! Can you believe it's Friday already?!?!

This week FLEW by! RIGHT!? Sheesh. Slow down time, seriously. Please?

The hubbie and I have some big plans this weekend! So excited! For one, he's off for three days in a row!!! YAY! He doesn't usually get all those "3-day" and sometimes "4-day" weekends like all of you have been enjoying- so to have this WHOLE weekend off...gosh we're pretty excited! To kick it off we're going to see The Avett Brothers tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy cow am I like, beyond stoked. Finally a concert that we BOTH have been wanting to go to- a band we BOTH enjoy!! ;) If you have no idea who they are, click here and listen. They are FANTASTIC! Expect lots of pictures next week!

We also have family in town from Norway (husband's side of the family) so we're pretty happy and looking forward to heading on over to the grandma's house (or Mormor as we all call her) to visit with all of them :)

What about you guys??? Any big plans?? I just remembered that Wednesday was officially the first day of Summer! Not that you could tell here- it's grey, cold, and pretty bleh until about 3pm June Gloom- I hate you. Looking forward to the summery sun-shiny months ahead!

Anywho, without further adieu... This week (in pictures):

  1. My view, from below.
  2. The most COMFY and GORGEOUS and LOVELY and WONDERFUL vintage skirts from this amazing Etsy store.
  3. Sometimes my husband leaves me love notes before he leaves for work. Sometimes those notes leave me hanging...
  4. Green Tea. Kitties love it. 

  1. For Father's Day, I made my dad this :) No pattern, straight out of my head. For only crocheting for a few months now- I'm pretty proud of myself! Candy Apple Red yarn and real wooden buttons- he pretty much loved this custom iPad case. Or Tablet....whatever it's called.

  1. One of the things I like most about our house- Hummingbirds love it here :)
  2. For YEARS I couldn't grow anything other than weeds. Then slowly but surely my brown thumb turned green! Look at me now! My first jalapeno! ...errr...BABY jalapeno.
  3. Where I slept. Instagram photo a day challenge.
  4. A rainbow of edible buttons were made and shipped out :)
  1. AND THEN THERE'S THIS! I may be completely blowing this out of proportion, but oh my word guys am I excited! Back story- I have been trying FOR YEARS (no exaggeration) to get onto Food Gawker. I thought it would be so easy- just submit some photos...have them appear and viola. HA! YEAH RIGHT. This is THE MOST challenging site YET to get onto (for me at least). Every single photo I submitted was rejected. "Poor lighting", "Poor Composition" about self-esteem booster. But I was determined! Anything to help my little blog grow. WELL friends! I finally did it. I made it to Food Gawker. You can find my profile here :)
So that's it for me! I have so much junk-o-la I have to do today to get ready for tonight and this weekend. BUT I wanted to stop by and say"HELLO!" 

**By the way, you can find me and follow along side my crazy shenanigans on Instagram too @sweetlavenderbakeshoppe


  1. Yay for Fridays! Avett Brothers????!!!!

    I have a pretty low key weekend planned, and that is totally okay by me!
    I love all your pictures... such a treat!

  2. I enjoyed your fun pictures! I love that Trader Joe's Green Tea, too! Enjoy your special weekend!!

  3. Avett Brothers were AMAZING!!!!!!! AHHH!

    Thanks for the well wishes friends! <3


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