Thursday, July 26, 2012

meet my blog button swappers...

Last month I opened up Sweet Lavender to it's first "Blog Button Swap". Not really knowing what I was doing AND not thinking anyone would respond- I was floored when I started receiving email after email of other fellow bloggers wanting to indeed participate! I love when that happens- you know, your expectations are succeeded like a million times :)

Basically the "rules"...or whatever you want to call them...guidelines?..anyway they were simple! Each blogger emailed me their bloggy button to put on my blog, and in return they had to put mine on their blog. These buttons were to stay up the entire month of July. The end. Then a few weeks ago I bothered asked them once again for a fun little blurb about themselves (something unique we'd like to know...all about their blog...whatever they wanted to write), a cute little picture (so we knew who they were!), and links to their social medias (and shops! <-- my favorite part) so I could write this here featured bloggy and introduce you all to some really neat and creative bloggin individuals. 

Why do all this? Blogging community, that's why. Blogging shouldn't be competitive. It should be an artistic community where we all love and support each other. A place we can "meet" up and get up to date on each other's lives, projects, "going ons", etc. It should never be a place we go and leave feeling "less than". We should never say, "I don't measure up" or "My blog will never be like that :( ". You do. It does. I do. We do. It's your blog- make it your thing! You want to put pictures of your kids, all day? GO FOR IT! Have the time to make project after project? Do that too! Want to talk an obscene amount about your weird fear of oceans and octopi? Do that too. There are no rules, except the ones you yourself create. 

So I wanted to create an opportunity for my readers to learn about new bloggers, maybe find some common interests in the things they do, and shoot- start following them too! And boy should you! These ladies (err and man) are awesome! Some I know personally, some I just met through this process (perfect example of why to do this- meet new people!)...but I can tell ya I have gone to each and every blog featured on here, and have enjoyed them all. No joke. 

So sit back, grab yer cup of tea (or coffee) and let me introduce you to some truly artistic peeps. Some paint, some crochet, some devote their blog to encouragement, some just want to talk about life, and some live in amazing countries I can only hope to visit some day!!! 

Oh and stop by their blog and say hello! They'd love that ;)


Hey! My name is Bill Main and I have a little blog called Gløgg. I have always seen pop culture as double-edged: it can be both off-putting and massively entertaining. While some of my illustrations are a direct reflection of my love for pop, others come against the notion entirely. I'm enjoying both directions. Most, if not all of my creations start as traditional paintings. For a long time, I was working heavily digitally but I felt the need to get away from the computer screen. Although I firmly believe that medium has little to do with the quality of artwork, I just needed to get some paint under my fingernails. When not working on Etsy orders, I am a full time sign artist for Trader Joe's and I also do freelance illustration, custom lettering and quirky design for clients. This is what my blog is about- art, art and some more art. I love working with other bloggers and have fun making weird stuff for banners, buttons and backgrounds. Wheeeee!

Blog Facebook .

Hi there! I'm Sabrina from my blog Superfluous! I'm so excited to be featured on Sweet Lavender Bake Shoppe, Christina is one of my favorite bloggers! I am a stay at home mom to one very active toddler and we are also expecting our second child in January. Life is never dull around here.I love blogging and 
I have been blogging now for 5 years. My favorite things to blog about are crafts, decorating, baking and being a mommy. But really, I'll blog just about anything, like faith, friends, life, and everything in between, i.e. Felicity, Dawson's Creek... Feel free to stop by and say Hello! I love meeting new people and sharing my blog with you! 

Crocheted In Love

I am a former school teacher and Thrift Store Owner who crochets every minute I can :). I fell in love with crocheting in my teens and had stopped for a few years. Then I discovered thread crochet booties and haven't stopped since. I adore making baby items the most though there isn't much I won't or haven't crocheted. I have a new love of Vintage/ Antique Patterns and have made some gorgeous items recently using these patterns. I especially love to make custom items- it feels even more personal. There's no better feeling than getting what you want exactly how you want it.

Sweetness Itself

Hi there! My name is Erin Elizabeth and I blog at Sweetness Itself. My heart and prayer is that my blog encourages women to love God, pursues their big and crazy dreams, and I also have a heart for purity. I love chai tea lattes, wearing lipstick on ordinary days, and watching football. I'm a California girly girl who loves life and writing! 

Simply Dove

Hello! I'm Sarah, and I blog over at Simply Dove! It's my little space where I share everything from crafts and inspiration, to fashion and faith. I love sharing my latest thrift finds, and my recent craft and DIY projects! My blog is all about the little things that make life fun! I'd love for you to come by and say hello!  

The Willow Tree

I am a Etsien shop owner; I am a fabric lover; I am a dog lover; I am a mother of a beautiful, spunky daughter Bry and newborn son, Oliver, who has already shown signs of his own spunkiness. In my journey of motherhood I’ve had my focus shifted in a direction I never thought it would go in – a world of handmade and art and the sudden change in becoming a stay-at-home mom. In becoming pregnant I've dived right into creating things for babies and wee ones as well as being motivated to create period. Thats when I decided to start The Little Willow Tree. Creating something unique and one of a kind is what I love and being able to share that with the world warms my heart. I talk about everything from personal projects, life at home, shop items, how-to's on things I've made {or dream to make}, and my journey into cloth diapering. It's really a look inside my world of handmade. Aside from my time sitting at the machine, I love to googley goo at my little baby Oliver, dance around to music with my daughter Bry, eat fro-yo, play with our doggie Zooey, have picnics in the park, and obsess over Twilight. {TEAM EDWARD!}. Oftentimes I'm cuddled up on the couch with my kids watching movies and knitting projects that never get finished. I love my crazy little life.

HJ Underway
Blog Twitter .

Bonjour mon amis! Ever wonder what it might be like to live and raise a child in Paris. Paris, France that is? Join me, MommaExpat, a 30-something mom to an almost three-year-old navigate living in Paris and being completely unable to speak French. I blog at about the realities of going from full-time working mom to stay-at-home mom, learning a new language, and our travels while living the expat life in Europe. You can also find me on Twitter and Instagram @MommaExpat

Blog Twitter .

My name is Alice, I'm a 27 year old Brit living in Spain, with my Spanish boyfriend and our pet pig Paris. I write a blog called, where I share the things I like, which are mainly: nice clothes, extreme high heels, all sorts of crafts, taking photos obsessively, cooking, baking and enjoying quality time with those I love. I have a "serious" day job in an office, but nights I spend countless hours blogging and working on an little shop I hope to be able to open soon! I truly believe the best part of blogging is meeting wonderful people from all around the world!! Instagram: @TheMowWay

OH! Before I forget, YES I will be doing this again for the month of August! Have a blog you'd like to swap with!??! YAY!!! Just email me at for info (like what size to make your button!) and let's get to it. Spaces are limited and the deadline is July 30th!!


  1. pumped up for this! im going to check out all of the other lovelies on here! thank you :)

    1. Perfect! Make sure you give em a little "Ello!" So happy everyone's enjoying each others bloggies!

  2. How lovely! I'm bloggy friends with Sarah (Simply Dove) and I'll have to visit the others when I'm not at work. ;)

    Emailing you now!


    1. Fantastic! Hello and Welcome! Can't wait to work with ya next month!

  3. Awwww... this was so fun! I also liked looking at the other profiles and checking them out! You are sweet to do this! :)

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