Friday, July 6, 2012

our fourth (in pictures)...

Is it completely out of line to say I am still pooped from the 4th of July?

Maybe it's not so much the particular day, as it is this last week...yeah I'm thinking this last week has a lot to do with it too. Whatever the case...I'M POOPED! So pooped in fact, that I wanted to get some super cool blogs up instead of (BORING!!!) another picture blog. BUT here we are, picture bloggin it up all honesty... I'm poooooooped. Next week it's on like Donkey Kong!

We had such a good fourth! We both had to work during the day (booooo!) but got to have some fun that night (yay!!) We had some awesomely delicious hickory smoked chicken at my parents' house and then walked to the park for the night's fireworks show. 

Why walk, you ask? Please come to our town one year and find out for yourself. It's the craziest...most chaotic...gosh how do I even emphasize the reality?...

Uh basically our town goes nuts-o for the 4th of July. Between fireworks (and I mean LOUD, BIG, DANGEROUS fireworks) being lit every 5 seconds on EVERY SINGLE CORNER, the 13735974658406757 people that have decided to drive to our town to view fireworks basically playing adult versions of angry bumper cars, the loveliest sound of car horns talking to each other (yes sir, please please lay on your horn without stopping! That'll get things moving along nicely...) and the 354974560 people in every street, on every corner walking like they've got no eyes (or don't care about the people and cars around them)'re better off walking than driving. I'm sure there's people in a line on a street in our town STILL trying to get home.

So we walk. Which is actually nice. I like people watching. I like the smell of fireworks and bbqs. I like the crazy that's around us (as long as we're not in it...or driving). Plus with the 6 kazillion hills our town has, it's good exercise. ;)

Let's see how many more exaggerations I can fit in this blog...

It was however, a busy day. Surprise surprise. One of these days I'm going to take a breather ;) Here's what our fourth looked like...

  1. Revising and testing a new recipe (blog up later!)
  2. Mise en place! (Things in place!)
  3. The (mini) outcome. Little gifts for loved ones.
  4. Pooped. Resting a tad before our big 4th of July night. 

  1. As the sun was setting, our big grey sky looked gorgeous with sunlit palm trees. This is our street :) 
  2. The Korean Friendship Bell. One of the many super cool (and genuinely gorgeous) things about our town. We sat at this park and watched the fireworks. ;) It's a fantastic spot!

  1. See! Right in front of it! So neat. 

  1. Then there was this creep-o. Mombi, aka Peep Cat. She peeps on you while you're in the bathroom. It's like the friendliest creepy surprise.
So now it's your turn! Tell me all about your 4th!

PS- I've got some exciting things coming up, including an EASY as pie DIY (hey! that rhymed) and DE-LISH-EOUS recipe! Come back soon, friends!

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  1. It's usually a war zone in San Pedro! It's because all our friends, families, and lovely neighbors go visit our friends to the South, smuggling illegal (here) fireworks (lets be honest-theyre mortars) and shoot them off like the want to scorch the sky. All in all, it's nothing but lovely. I love going up there with you!!!!!


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