Tuesday, August 28, 2012

meet these lovely bloggers + ad spots now open...

It's that time again! The time for me to introduce you to some AMAZING bloggers!

I love these ladies. I am so honored and happy to say that through these blog button swaps I have met some pretty awesome women as well as actually become friends with each and every one! It's such a blessing to have so many friendly bloggers out there to help encourage and support one another through this whole blogging thang! ;) We share in each other's lives through certain social media sites and the distance between us becomes almost non existent. Almost.

So that being said, I am so so so excited to introduce you all to these lovelies. Each one has their very own unique blog in which their talents, loves, and lives are shared. Please please take the time to check them out, and say hello!!

The MowWay
Blog Twitter .

My name is Alice, I'm a 27 year old Brit living in Spain, with my Spanish boyfriend and our pet pig Paris. I write a blog calledTheMowWay.com, where I share the things I like, which are mainly: nice clothes, extreme high heels, all sorts of crafts, taking photos obsessively, cooking, baking and enjoying quality time with those I love. I have a "serious" day job in an office, but nights I spend countless hours blogging and working on an little shop I hope to be able to open soon! I truly believe the best part of blogging is meeting wonderful people from all around the world!! Instagram: @TheMowWay

Live Delightfully

Hi y'all, I'm Regina and I blog over at Live Delightfully, and run an Etsy shop by the same name. Just a little bit about me: I'm married to a preacher; we our foster parents to the two cutest little boys in the entire world (and we're hoping we get to keep them); I love fashion; I love to cook, sew, bake, paint, read, write, garden, and many other creative things. My family is what keeps me going, my creativity is what keeps me sane. My blog is an inspirational, lifestyle blog about life as a foster momma, DIYs, recipes, handmade goods, fashion, and just all things that delight me. My Etsy shop has various nursery and children’s room d├ęcor.

I’m just a down-to-earth, fun-loving, Southern gal who is working towards her dream of being a Christian woman, great wife, awesome momma, writer, and designer specializing in nurseries and children’s rooms. I believe in laughter, magic, true love, God, the power of prayer, rainbows and kittens, buying handmade, wishing on shooting stars, and helping others. Stop by my blog or Facebook page and say HI, or send me a tweet! I love meeting new people and chit-chatting!

Burnett's Boards

I am a 28 year old former Humanities teacher, in dire need of a creative outlet that doesn’t involve inserting comma corrections and writing out the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’ on 93 different essays. My mini 1/3 life crisis led me to Craig’s List upon which I discovered and took a lovely job putting together the editorial content for Modern Weddings Hawaii. I ran into Pinterest late one night and when I came up for air, I decided to start my own wedding inspiration site to store, keep, and create from all the pictures I adore - Burnett's Boards. I’m happily married, I live in Hawaii but miss my family in Texas, I read a lot, I write less than I should, I’m obsessed with antique books, 18th century ships, and white cheddar popcorn. I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I do, and a big mahalo to Christina for allowing me this fabulous opportunity! 


Now for an announcement. I have really been pondering, praying, and talking with my husband about the possibility of opening up Sweet Lavender to other fellow bloggers for an advertisement opportunity on my blog rather than just swap. Believe me- this wasn't really an easy decision- I didn't want to seem like I "sold out". I didn't want people to come to my blog and feel a sort of commercialization running throughout. I wanted (still want) people to feel at home here. So I struggled. 

But the thing is- blogging is HARD WORK and continues to get harder and more responsibility filled as I continue on. Which is fun and fine- but hard when the bills also need to get paid. Ha! I went back and forth and back and forth until I finally felt at peace (and had my husband say "go for it") about starting to offer blog ad spots as well as a small opening for a few blogger button swaps. For now, I have decided to keep the ad prices SUPER cheap and sort of try this whole thing out. Hey, a girl's gotta eat right? And by "eat" I mean...maybe get a Starbucks coffee...my ad prices are so low.

If you're interested in purchasing an ad spot, please click here and you'll find out allllllllll about how to go about it, what the prices are, and what's included in each package. Let me assure you, GOOD things are included! Of course, spots are limited and are first come first served. Each ad will fun for a full 30 days! I'm excited about this.

So if you're a follower of Sweet Lavender, spread the word- share this lovely news with your friends and help this little bloggy here continue on! Lets get some awesome bloggers to be a part of this neat new experience! Ad spots NOW OPEN!!! :D


  1. Thanks so much for sharing my bio! This blog button swap was a sweet idea :-D. On another note - I too have been toying with the idea of offering advertisement spots on my home page - it's a big decision and I can't say it's completely 'made' yet!

  2. Love the great girls you featured this month! All of your blogs are so unique and it's fun to see the story behind them. Now I'm secretly afraid that I misused that apostrophe in "it's" and Burnett's Boards is going to catch me...
    Excited to see your next sponsors/swappers!

  3. What a great post? Love it. Blogging is definitely super hard work. I love how you have set up your page and I think your advertising is being done tastefully!

  4. You guys seriously just know how to warm my heart! What a wonderful thing to wake up to- such encouragement!

    Sara- You'll have to keep me updated!!!! ;)
    Bill- You better watch out- she's gunna get ya!
    Melissa- Thank you so so much. It means more than you know, coming from you!

  5. Such a lovely post! Thanks, sorry I missed it! You have such gread sponsors, following them all now!! xxx Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay


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