Thursday, September 20, 2012

currently (again)...

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It's been a while since I did this type of thing...but thought now would be a great time to start up again! A little bit ago a chapter was finished in our lives. A good chapter, but a chapter none the less. Mixed emotions were felt, but I know with absolute certainty that this "closed door" was a direct answer to prayer. Prayers we Mains had been talking about and praying about for some time. So it's a really good thing the chapter is over and done with- although I will definitely miss it (and remember the fantastic opportunity it was!)

That being said- I am SO excited for what the Lord has in store next! When He closes one door, another one certainly opens- and boy oh boy am I ready! Eeeeep!

I am currently:

Obsessing over…

iPhone cases. 
Don't laugh. This is a true and totally real obsession. I don't know why and certainly don't know when it began- but lo and behold I have found myself on MORE THAN ONE occasion scrolling through pictures and pinning, and searching for (and loving) a lot of cases. I mean a lot. 

Like this one, and this one, and this one.

Sigh. Maybe it's because I only have (and have had) one. Or maybe it's because that one case is broken and chipped. Or shoot- it could possibly be because my birthday is coming up in tomorrow! Whatever the case (<-- get it?? Har har) I'm totally and unabashedly obsessed. I want them all. All 290573049670456 of them.
Working on…

Getting my butt back in spiritual shape. This summer, like a huge 13,357 ton steam truck, flattened me out. So fast too! And now, here we are- DAYS away from the first official day of fall so I have NO more excuses. I need to seek Him more, desire Him more...and plain and simple make more time for Him. So I'm working on lame as that sounds. I need to turn things off (mentally and physically) so that I am able to spend that devoted one on one time I so desperately need. 
Thinking about…

Other than all the above things?! My birfday! I love birthdays. Mine, others'- doesn't matter. I love celebrating the day one was born. A dear friend took me out to lunch a couple days ago to sort of celebrate and she asked me, "How do you feel being 28? What do you hope 28 brings?" That question floored me. I'm not usually one for loss of words...but this time I had no idea what to say! Trying to stray away from the typical surface answers of course, I had no clue how to feel nor did I/do I know what I hope for! 

Health? A house? A baby? (eeeek, yeah I said it)...Deep Friendships?...Deep Family Relationships? Happiness?

My birthday weekend. 
The hubbie and I found a really great deal on Living Social (yeah I totally use that site....sometimes) for an overnight stay somewhere fun right on the beach. So we grabbed it and will be doing an overnighter for my birthday. Also included? Lounging by the pool, shopping till we're dropping, and eating until I want to die of....over eating. I plan on consuming more carbs, fat, and sugar than humanly possible. It's what birthdays should be about.

I feel the need to add: NOT Anticipating...

Leaving my precious meow meows at home. Sad but very true. I'm such a homebody.
Listening to…

I am finding myself listening more and more to The Avett Brothers, Grizzly Bear, The Black Keys and Band of Horses. I can't get enough of them right now. I have a Pandora station devoted to each one and make sure to shuffle through each so that my work day is overwhelmed with musical loveliness of the like. 

Organic granola mixed with greek yogurt and a splash of unsweetened vanilla almond milk. MmMmmm heaven in a bowl. 

A lot of things actually. Like said above, a deeper relationship with Jesus. I have some holes that need to be filled and I know for a fact that only He is capable of filling them. I also have some traits and things I really really need to let go of and die to- and only HE is capable of helping me get rid of them. The neat thing about wishing for something like this's a wish that for sure will come true! How often can we rest assured in things like that?

Also wishing for this little lady to feel better. She has an appointment with the vet later today to find out what's wrong with her. Any prayers are MUCH appreciated!
To be a bit more superficial, I am totally wishing for some of those above stated iPhone cases! iPhone 4S por vida, friends. Por Vida. Oh and a new purse to carry said iPhone case would be super nice ;)

Eeeep birfdays!


  1. Happppyyyyy Biiirthdaaaay!!!!

    I hope you have a fabulous day with lots of yummy treats and happy moments all day long!
    I have a feeling that this new year is going to be really awesome... I just know it! :)

    Band of Horses!!! My FAV!!!!!!!!

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  3. I absolutely love posts like these!! They make me happy! When is your birthday my dear?? Mine is just a few weeks away and I seriously cannot wait!!

    1. How fun!!! How old are ya going to be?? ;) Mine just passed on the 21st!


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