Thursday, September 13, 2012

things I'm loving right now...

Random Thrift Store and Garage Sale Finds:

You know how it goes with these types of finds...once you snag a cool piece, good luck ever finding it again! 

You can find like items here:

Oliver's Treasure Chest- Etsy:

I was so blessed and so fortunate to snag a little package of these super cute hair ties as a gift from maker, Ashley Marie! But she sells them (for a really great price) on her Etsy store!

You can find like items here:
Set of 5 Elastic Hair Ties


On a forever search to find my very first washi tape roll, I stumbled upon this lovely sight! Washi tape is all the rage now...and I couldn't help but fall in love, as well. Wanting to really embellish and decorate any orders recieved in the cutest way possible, I purchased a "beginners" set and love every single roll! I use it to add cuteness and color splashes to corners of my boxes before shipping them out worldwide!

You can find like items here:
Japanese Washi Masking Tape Set

Random Kitchen Cuteness (and possible must-haves?!)- Anthropologie:

You can find like items here:
Spades Measuring Cups
Opalescent Tumblers

Marbled Journal- Anthropologie:

I seem to be running out of journals fast! Never used them before, but boy do I now! Thoughts, ideas, prayers, bible verses, sermon and bible study notes- it ALL goes in there! A recent trip to this beloved store and a nifty 15% off coupon later, I was a proud owner of this neat little new friend.

You can find like items here:
Marbled Journal

Random Fabulous Mail Days:

Don't you just LOVE mail days like this? We're so used to bills, bills, bills come time to retrieve the mail. It's so nice to open up le box and find it stuffed full of these!

You can find like items here:
Food Network Magazine
Martha Stewart Magazine
Starbucks Free Coffee Birthday Card

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