Thursday, November 1, 2012

november is here!...

November is here! November is here!!!!!!! I LOVE NOVEMBER! 

It's starting to cool down finally- boots and sweaters here I come! I got the sweetest boot cuffs for my birthday back in September and I have been chomping at the bit to wear them! It's just been way too hot here to even think of boots...or crocheted goodies. I did get to wear them once, and loved every minute of it. I plan to wear them a million more times!

So much to be excited about with this month. For one- Election Day is rapidly approaching! Do you know who you are voting for?

Also...eeeeeeep! Our 4th year wedding anniversary is on the 8th. My how time flies. I have no idea what we're planning on doing the actual day BUT I KNOW THAT NEXT WEEKEND WERE GOING TO SEE THIS! Oh. My. Word. I am beyond excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <-- Can you tell?!?!!? Tickets are already bought- in a theater that let you pick out and purchase actual seats (crazy right?!?!?) so NO waiting in 989 hour lines! Be prepared to see A LOT...and I mean a LOTTTTTTTTT of social media blow ups of everything revolving around this. Fin.

Dates to remember:

November 4th: Daylight Savings Ends
November 6th: Election Day!
November 12th: Veterans Day
November 22nd: Thanksgiving!

PS- TOTALLY excited for Turkey Day too! I already have all my fall magazines ripped to shreds with cut outs of tantalizing recipes I will be making! Wheeeeeeeeeee!


What do you guys have planned for November?


  1. I LOVE the new calender!!! November is such a great month... just one month closer to CHRISTMAS!! I'm totally about the magazine recipe and decor ideas now, I love planning and hosting! Happy Anniversary and Happy Twighlighting! :) I think you are not excited ENOUGH!

    P.S. We are still living with my folks out in the boonies, limited internet, so not a lot of computer time. But I love when I can stop by your blog, even for a split second!

    1. Oh how I miss you. Seriously. Honestly. Whole heartedly. I miss YOU.


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