Saturday, December 8, 2012

guest posting over at the paper mama with a recipe for donut muffins with cinnamon sugar!...

Well hello hello and Happy Saturday!!! Goodness it's been a busy week, eh? TWO give a ways in a row and now a guest post?! Eeeeeeep! Good times!

I hope you all took advantage of all the fun showcased here these last few days :) If you're just joining us (HI!!!) make sure you click here to enter to win some super cute edible cupcake toppers + click here to enter to win the most ADORABLE hand made wood grain stocking FILLED with handmade wooden goodies!

Keeping up alright?

Good! Moving onto our next order of business- a fun little guest post I've been asked to do for the lovely Chelsey a.k.a The Paper Mama!

So excited about this!

A few months ago Chelsey emailed me and asked if I had any fun recipes I could share for her 50 DIY Days of Christmas segment she'd be doing. Uh YEAH!! Totally do! Recipes are my thang!

So I hopped on it and made something I've made/loved/needed an excuse to make/craved before- Mini Donut Muffins with Cinnamon Sugar. *swoon*

These little babies are addicting. Like, to the max. Don't say I didn't warn you. I first made these 2 years ago for a friend's birthday. I figured 3 dozen would be enough- thinking 2 per person and such- boy was I wrong. As soon as one was nibbled on, about 4 were devoured- PER PERSON. I seriously should have tripled the recipe. Again, consider yourself warned.

These guys are SUPER easy to make (we all love that) and can be spruced up with more cinnamon should you want- or even more nutmeg to really tie in the Christmas thing. If you're not a fan of either spice, feel free to substitute with your favorite! Cardamom, orange + lemon zest, allspice + cloves, browned butter...the choices are endless, really.

I stuck to simple cinnamon + nutmeg because to me those are classic holiday flavors. And really, who doesn't love those two spices?

With butter both baked inside AND generously doused over the top- these are not for the caloric-conscious. But to be honest, it's Christmas time...calories aren't counted right now. It's like a rule or something.

That's what January 1st is for. Either that or to make you feel like the biggest failure in life for the next 3 least that's what January 1st through March does to me and my failing New Year's Resolutions.

Ahh failures.

So, thank you to The Paper Mama for giving me this amazing opportunity AND a big thank you to Like Mother Like Daughter for sharing their recipe and inspiring me to make these 2 years ago!

Click HERE to be taken to the lovely guest post + see the recipe!

For printable recipe, click here.


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