Monday, January 28, 2013

homemade blueberry buttermilk popsicles, yo!...

Although I am completely in awe and shock by how fast the holidays came and went (Right?!!?!?), I am honestly SO happy to see the fatty foods that accompanied them go as well.

Hello 7 pound weight gain!

...goodbye 7 pound weight gain? *fingers crossed*

Funny thing is, I went into the holiday season knowing there would be a plethora of sweets, fats, carbs (bad carbs- like donuts and cake, and cookies and pie, and a lot more of those bad white flour/sugar things, knowwhatimean?), sitting, gorging, and being a fat lazy fatty. So I (almost comically) told myself I'd indulge a little but not dive head first into this like I do every single year. Outcome? Totally lost. I dove in. Head first. Again and again. 

It was so fun.

I mean, so so fun. Like the scene in Hook where all the Lost Boys are sitting around that amazingly bright neon food covered table eating, laughing, and having that phenomenal food fight that we all wished we could be a part of. So fun.

Not as fun? All the literal headaches, tummy aches, lethargy, and "fat days" where all I wanted to wear were old hole and nail polish-covered "pants" and eat my "fat day" away. Which I am embarrassed to say did indeed happen. A few times. 

So after the last little hurrah happened last weekend in the form of a birthday, I vowed to start eating HEALTHY, HONESTLY, and fill my plate with real clean unprocessed foods. As much as possible, at least. 

Enter this popsicle. I received a Zoku Quick Pop Maker for Christmas from my parents, which upon opening made me revert back to being a kid- squealing, laughing, and anxiously awaiting my chance to "play" with it. I just could NOT wait. 

To my pleasant surprise, neither could my husband! So we've sort of made a few date nights out of making the most ridiculously weird concoctions of healthy dessert popsicles that we possibly could. Healthy being the main thing. We desperately needed some easy "go to" dessert options when our white sugar addicted palette needed a quick fix. 

So far our favorites have been, "Salted Coconut Mango" and these "Blueberry Buttermilk". 

4 simple, easy to find ingredients....all wholesome and natural- how do you go wrong? No white sugar, no processing whatsoever, I mean...come on. Blueberries- BAM antioxidants. Buttermilk- high in calcium, protein and B vitamins. Concord grape juice- more antioxidants, a little boost in possible lowering of high blood pressure, and a splash of natural sweetener. Honey- one super yummy and healthy sugar alternative. 

The result- some deliciously tart and sweet, nutrition packed, good for you, get-your-serving-of-fruit-now popsicles. Let's get started. 

Blueberry Buttermilk Popsicles
If using a Zoku Quick Pop Maker, you'll get 6-8 popsicles

  • 1, 12oz bag frozen organic blueberries
  • 1 cup organic buttermilk (this is your variable- you might need less or more depending on the blueberries)
  • 1/4 cup 100% pure concord grape juice
  • 1/8-1/4 cup organic raw honey (depending on the sweetness of your blueberries)

**I used my Zoku Quick Pop Maker for these popsicles, but feel free to use your favorite popsicle maker! The instructions will be the same except for the freezing time. Follow your manufacturer's directions after step 4.

1. Make sure your Zoku Quick Pop Maker's base has thoroughly frozen. I leave mine in my freezer indefinitely until I need to use it to make popsicles! Same with my ice cream maker's base!

2. In a food processor (or powerful blender) add your bag of frozen blueberries and 1/4 cup concord grape juice. Process until mixture stops twirling around- meaning you need to add more liquid.

3. While processor is on, slowly pour in your buttermilk. Continue adding until your mixture freely spins around and turns into a puree. You are looking for the consistency of baby food (or a nice smoothie). You might not need to add your whole cup of buttermilk if your berries were full of juice OR if the bag had defrosted some before you began. You might need to add more than a cup if the mixture was too frozen. Totally ok. Add as much as you need to acquire smoothie consistency.

4. Scrape down and add your 1/8-1/4 cup of honey. Because my berries were on the tarter side, I needed the full 1/4 cup. Process again until thoroughly combined. Taste. Mixture should be just barely overly sweet. Because it will be consumed frozen, it'll lose a tiny bit of it's sweetness. Add more honey if need be- to your liking.

5. Pour mixture into an easy pourable container. I used my Pyrex 4 cup measuring cup with lip for easy pouring. Remove popsicle base out of freezer, place sticks in and carefully pour blueberry mixture into slots. For the Zoku Quick Pop Maker, pour until you reach the "fill line". Set timer for 6-8 minutes. Place remaining blueberry mixture in fridge.

6. After 6 minutes, check popsicles. You should see your popsicle is set completely. If not- continue to let sit in base until firm. Then carefully remove as per your manufacturer's instructions, wrap in plastic wrap, and place into freezer. For Zoku Maker, use the "Super Tool" to twist popsicles out of base, wrap in plastic wrap, and place in freezer.

7. Continue again with more of the blueberry mixture and more popsicle sticks. Remember that for each new batch of popsicles being made, increase your freezing time in the base. As base sits out on counter it will lose it's freezing strength. For second batch set timer for 8-9 minutes, third batch- 9-10, etc.

Now you've got a nice batch of homemade, good for you, honestly made, healthy popsicles for a yummy dessert or anytime snack!

For printable recipe, click here.

**I was in no way compensated for this blog post. All opinions and writing are indeed my own. I received a Zoku Quick Pop Maker for Christmas from my family, used it, loved it, and decided to compose a blog post, all on my own. 

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  1. Ok - this is hilarious! I got on the scale last night and the number isn't any bigger, but my pants are smaller... I'm just assuming hubby is playing with the scale at this point!

    These popsicles look awesome - I might have to buy a mold now!!


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