Wednesday, January 2, 2013

my Christmas break {through instagram pictures}...

While I'm starting to get back into things (slowly but surely)- I wanted to give you all a little sneak peak into my lovely "vacation" via Instagram pictures :)

What a good vacation it surely was.

I decided to make some gifts for loved ones- so I found some amazing gun metal grey yarn and made trivets (until I could crochet no more). So proud of my work, I "securely kitty proofed them" deep within a bag full of other gifts. That next morning I was surprised to find Mustachio...had found and made a toy of one of them. Sigh. 

It's demolished.

Sooooo because I'm a good fur-mommy, I took leftover skeins of yarn and made both kitties a plethora of little "mouse" cat toys. ;) I kid not, they've played with them...once. I guess things are more fun when you're not supposed to have them.

My husband and I created our 4th married Christmas card (top)- a tradition we've gladly adopted from my grandmother. She'd hand create their Christmas cards every year for YEARS. If something big happened that year (like a birth of a grandchild) she'd incorporate it into that year's card. Pretty neat looking back at them all. So, we excitedly decided to continue doing so- with our cards! This year- Mustachio and Mombi girl were baking Gingerbread Bill and Christina's...

Christmas cards from loved ones started coming in (bottom) which made my heart sing.

I wrapped a lot. Which I actually enjoy doing- I so very much love wrapping gifts. Even better, I found some free printable gift tags online! I printed a bunch up and my husband and I used them up! 

By the way, "To You, From That Guy"....from my husband to me. He loves me.
I made homemade chicken stock! Feels good to have extra time to do things I so badly have been putting off. Need an easy (and yummy) chicken stock recipe? Click here :)
 I also spent a lot of good kitty love time with these two beauties. 
AND GIFTS! Oh how I received some of the most lovely gifts. My family knows me well. Kitchen stuff, cute products from Etsy, and clothes are always a good thing for me!

I'm off! I have a few things left to do before I dive head first back into working this here bloggy full time.

How was your Christmas friends?? I'd love to know all about it!


  1. Christmas was wonderful this year. Sad to say, I was recovering from a cold, but good food, friends, and "family" helped that out. Glad to hear you had a wonderful Christmas!

    Happy new year!

    1. So sad to hear about your sickness! BUT happy to hear you had a good Christmas none-the-less! Happy New Year to you too, friend!

  2. I made (well my card did) the blog! Jazz Hands!

  3. Seems like we packed in so much fun into those few short days! Love you!

  4. I guess things are more fun instagram follower cheat when you're not supposed to have them.


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