Tuesday, January 8, 2013

thomas the train cupcake toppers...

I really hope I don't embarrass anyone with this next little bit of information.

Knowing me, there's a good chance I will.

Let's carry on.

Once upon a time, like 7-8 years ago, I had this friend. This good friend. Her name- Christina. Yeah. Totally. She had a boyfriend who was friends with my (at the time) boyfriend so the 4 of us hung out like ALL.THE.TIME. I'm talkin- like literally every weekend...at least once. Sickening. Things could sometimes get a little confusing. Someone would call, "Hey Christina!" and we'd both look, etc...but that didn't stop us from being friends. No, not at all. We even fought about which Christina was better and argued over hot topics like, "Who was Christina #1 and who was Christina #2". Serious stuff, folks.

In fact! There came a point in our friendship where we decided it would be an amazing idea to move in with each other (you know, to really test out the confusion that could be). So we planned it...and planned it. We even had our answering machine message all planned out.

Whoa now! What's that?! Remember, this was almost a decade ago.

We decided it would go a little something like this, "Hey you've reached Christina....(insert creepy almost whisper voice) and Christina! Home of the Christinas! Leave a message!" Now insert hysterical laughter because at 21 + 22 years of age we thought that was the funniest thing EVER.

It wasn't. I now know this. I'm so glad that idea never came to fruition.

Neither did our big plan to move out together. Which I actually am sad about. Those could have been fun days. I mean imagine it- a home of Christinas only. Home of the Christinasssssssssss! Christinas unite!

Anywho. God had different plans :)

We are still in fact friends :) Love that girl.

Moving on! So this friend Christina, now has a little boy (my how time flies) who was turning 3.

Gulp- again...time flies!

Wanting to make his birthday really special, she asked if I could create some cupcake toppers depicting his favorite fella- Thomas the Train.
Of course I could. It would be my honor.

I wanted to keep the design simple because this was a 3 year olds birthday. I knew he'd be sharing with other 3ish year olds so I wanted to make sure there wasn't some crazy design all over the place blowing their little minds. Thomas' big bright round face seemed perfect, to me. Seemed like something they'd easily recognize, smile at, and of course devour.

My favorite? Their little googly-like eyeballs. Gaw I love them!
When my friend came to pick up her toppers, little Pablo (cutest name...EVER) was there with her. He immediately opened the box, giggled, and decided a topper or two would be fantastic...in his mouth. Sorry Pablo's friends, this here is truth. I seriously doubt any would mind, though ;)

Ah kids. I love them!

I loved these little faces so much that I decided to offer them up for you all to purchase, should you want. You can find them here :)

Christina #1- OUT.


  1. These are AMAZING I absolutely adore them. Love your blog :)

    Summer x


    1. Well thankyouverymuch! I'm heading over to your bloggy right now!!! xo

  2. I love how you do business. You do such a wonderful job at turning something that could be difficult into something simple that works. That is what I am working on this year, to simplify my cookie sets! xoxo

    1. Melissa! That was just so encouraging. Thank you! Seriously, thank you.

  3. My best friend in high scool and college was named Becky, also. She was Becky #1 and I was Becky #2. And we did live together asfter college. We used to call ourselves Becky Squared. So lame haha.

  4. Been meaning to comment on this!!

    #1: Pablo LOVED LOVED LOVED the toppers as well as all the other three-year olds in his class. I ate ALL of the leftover toppers, P.S. (in addition to being cute, they are super tasty)

    #2: As being the older of the two Christinas, I always believed I should be #1, but now that I don't want to be older and want to retain my youth, you can claim #1... That way people will think you are older. :) lol


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