Thursday, February 14, 2013

happy birthday kylee annalysa...

I have had this posting read to be published FOR MONTHS! MONTHS! Yet for some reason, I kept forgetting to publish it!

Ugh. Me = Lame.

SooOOooOoo now is the time! Hooray! Haha.

Let's make it a simple post- and let the pictures do most of the talking, eh?
These edible decorations were a custom order purchased by a mama who had a little girl turning 5. Having seen these decorations on Instagram weeks before, she decided to go with the same types of decorations for her little one's cake!

OK by me! They were SO fun to do!
Included was a 4 inch hand cut + hand painted custom cake plaque- on this she wanted the whole plaque to look like underwater bubbles and include her sweet one's name.

Also purchased was a hand cut + hand painted 5 inch custom cake plaque with (and to be very specific) a "Harajuku mermaid" painted on it. She provided a picture of exactly what she wanted that Harajuku mermaid to look like :) Super fun to paint.
Lastly, to tie it all together, we created a few coral colored starfish (and made them as shimmery as possible) and sent them on their delicious way!
*Cake picture courtesy of Kylee's mom.

Best part? When the happy mom sends us a super encouraging email back + includes the cutest pictures of it all together. LOVE THIS CAKE! Simple, but totally cute!

Happy Birthday Kylee Annalysa!!

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  1. Oh my goodness, can't believe these are edible...they are so delicate and perfect!!


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