Monday, March 18, 2013

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  1. Coffee date with some friends from our bible study, over-looking the Pacific Ocean. Sunset.
  2. There's an art show coming up. Hubbie's been working like a maniac on his piece.
  3. Edible decorations are my everyday thing. These mustache cupcake toppers just shipped out.
  4. Justin. You big 'ol silly. You've done it again. This candy bar...well it plain rocks my world.

  1. Some of the sweetest things are unexpected boxes in the mail from friends far away. You know who you are sweet friend. I cherish you!
  2. It was time to order new biz cards...instead of my normal order from Moo- I went a tad risky and ordered their minis! I'M. IN. LOVE! 
  3. Then there's this cake. Oh my heavens, this cake. One of my favorites HANDS DOWN. If you have a Susie Cakes nearby- consider yourself lucky and go get a slice! Tropical Coconut. You're welcome. 
  4. We bit the bullet and got an olloclip. What is it? A thing-a-ma-bob you hook onto your iPhone for nifty photo shooting upgrades! Wide angle, fish eye, and macro to be exact. Honestly, I bought it for the macro setting alone! How do I like it? Honestly, don't know yet. We'll see! *fingers crossed*

  1. Oh what? Those nifty plastic rimmed pink 70's spectacles? Hubbie talked me into getting them last week when we were both due for new specs. Let me assure you I hated the idea at first. Yes, at first. Because now, I'm pretty much in love. In other news, I'm apparently 80 years old. 
  2. I was also coerced into purchasing a No, not by my husband- but by little baby Mustachio. She desperately needed something to climb on, scratch, bite, run up and down, etc etc- you a cat on? She literally spends anywhere from 20-22 hours a day on this thing. It's the most ridiculously cute thing I've seen in a while.
  3. Mombi? Hates the tree. She sits atop and gets very weird. So, we make sure to share any paper grocery bags we've brought home. 

  1. Then there's the new wall art I printed off the computer FOR FREE. I am not even joking....I found this lovely woman, printed 3597496764069860 million encouraging bible verse wall art pieces from her blog, plastered them everywhere in our home, and have stalked loved her ever since. I just adore her!


  1. so glad i found your blog via the giveaway! i love all of jenny's prints! ... i want to learn more about your lens for your iphone, and don't even get me started on the cake...drooling.

    1. Hehehe, HI! The OlloClip! Hmmm, to be honest- I don't think it was meant for me. What I was looking for, this just wasn't doing. BUT my husband loves it! Go figure.


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