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I am so happy to introduce you all to some seriously lovely ladies! 

Danielle and Katrina are the two girlies behind Provocative Manners, a blog about fabulous lifestyle, fashion, treats and common sense everyday manners! Not only is blogging their passion, but also event planning and design! Everything from weddings, showers, birthday parties, anniversaries and corporate holiday parties, to be exact. Their top priority is entertaining their guests by giving them the most fabulous time of their lives!

I cracked up at their nicknames for themselves! And I quote, "Provocative Manners was started by Danielle Marie (aka Ooh La La) and Katrina (aka Va Va Voom) who are extremely classy and fabulous but with an edge of sauciness." Hehehe, too cute!

Anyway, let's get to know them way better, shall we??

Tell us a little about yourself (aside from the blog):

Katrina and I have been best friends for a number of years.  Katrina has 3 kids and I have 2, which luckily they all love to play together!  Score!  Katrina and I love spending time together whether it's drinking martinis, taking the kids to the zoo, or shopping, we always have a ton of great laughs!

How did you come up with the name, "Provocative Manners"? What inspired you? 

Katrina came up with the name and it originates from our book, which will be published in spring 2013.  It's a sassy book full of topics about commonsense, manners, lifestyle, fashion, etc.

Tell us a little about what makes up "Provocative Manners". What is the blog about?

Provocative Manners is a fun, saucy commonsense blog that talks about those "nitty gritty" issues of everyday life, so what makes people tick, what is appropriate at a restaurant compared to your office party.  We also discuss latest fashion trends, favorite recipes and DIY craft projects, a little bit of everything!

Where do you find inspiration for your posts?

We find inspiration from everyday things around us.  We have learned to be extremely observant because anything could be a topic for discussion on the blog.

Take us through a typical day in the life of "Provocative Manners":

Well since we both have kids and houses to run, our lives are always busy.  This also includes several businesses we own together, such as a floral design company, event planning and our book.

Describe yourself in 3 words:

Katrina: Fabulous, Loving, Sanguine
Danielle: Outspoken, Caring, Choleric

What are some challenges you face in the blogging community?

It can be difficult to get your name out there and finding time to write with kids, but everyone is so supportive- it's great!  The other thing is that it's really hard talking about yourself.  We are both such private people that it has been difficult writing those "personal" posts. 

How do you overcome those challenges?

We have a set schedule of when we need the posts to be live on the blog.  This keeps us on top of everything- without organization we are lost!  We have also found that advertising on certain blogs have been extremely successful, we just have to find the right blogs that fit us.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time? 

Well, we both love shopping, maybe too much that is...  Danielle loves to dance (ballet, tap, jazz) and has been doing it since she was a child.  The best way to describe Katrina is "Mini Martha Stewart", she loves to cook and bake, decorate her house and any craft project calling her name.

Do you work from a studio/where does the magic happen? 

Katrina's computer is in her dinning room and mine is in my kitchen, this way we are able to work and keep an eye on the kiddos.

What other social media sites can we find you at?

You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram!

What is your favorite thing to do outside of blogging? 

We both love spending time at the beach, Katrina's kids and my kids love building sand castles and running in the lake.

Katrina loves to cook for her large family and Danielle loves to paint and color with her daughter.

How do you balance your blog work with your everyday life?

I definitely would have to say it's difficult, especially since we are in the midst of publishing our 1st book.  Our families come first, but then after that we love to write and entertain our readers.

Do you have any other special talents? 

Together we love to plan events, that is how our event planning company (Lady Lux Events) started, especially since Katrina has a degree in event planning and Danielle owns a floral company (DMH Custom Floral Designs)

Any future plans you can share with us, for "Provocative Manners"? 

Currently, our future plans revolve around improving our blog, which is a daily task, and publishing/marketing our book, Provocative Manners: The Sauce of Life.  It's quite an amazing process and whirlwind we have gone through within the past year, but we sure do love it!


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Thank you so much Danielle and Katrina! Please head on over to their blog and say hello!


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