Thursday, March 14, 2013

|happy pi day| pie recipe roundup...

Happy Pi Day, you all! 

What exactly is that? Basically it is the day, on the calendar, that reads: 3/14 as in the ratio for the mathematical equation..... 3.14159...or..."pi".

Yeah. I know.

It's a real day though! Kind of neat actually- any excuse to celebrate is a good one in my book. ESPECIALLY when pie is involved!

Celebrating the joys of the mathematical constant can be as easy as pie!

Pie Recipe Roundup:


  1. Happy Pi day! My husband is a math teacher, so it's a total Pi blowout party day in class. :)

  2. Happy belated Pi day to you, my friend. The best part of yesterday was me asking my son, I wonder why they chose today as Pi day. Silly me!


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