Friday, March 15, 2013

what's going on Google Reader + Google Friend Connect?...

Well well well.

It looks like our beloved Google Reader AND Google Friend Connect (GFC) are going the way of the Dodo.

Sad faces for all.

The Official Google Reader Blog posted the confirmation of this sad news, the other day. They stated their reason for said choices as such: 
usage of Google Reader has declined, and as a company we’re pouring all of our energy into fewer products. We think that kind of focus will make for a better user experience.


Not only is/was the Google Reader a great way to have all one's blogs they follow, in one tidy place- it was also (as I'm sure was most people's cases) used constantly- if not multiple times a day! Grrr.

On top of that there is word that the Google Friend Connect is soon to follow. YIKES! I don't know about you, but I LOVE the GFC! It's such a simple and perfect way to follow my favorite blogs, AND let them know I love them! Double grrr....

They are giving us all a few months of a window to find some sort of new home for our beloved blogs. I guess it's like your parents kicking you out but saying, "You have till next month to find a place." It still stings Google, it STILL stings. 

Fret not though, there are a few other ways one can keep ALL their blogs together in one place:

1. BlogLovin'
Converting to BlogLovin’ is not difficult to do, but it does involve exporting your current subscription information from Google. 

  • In your BlogLovin' profile, click your name at the upper right hand corner.
  • Next from the drop box click, "Settings".
  • Scroll down to "Other" and click, "Import Blogs".
  • Next, click "Google Reader".
  • And then, "Import from Google Reader."

It will ask for your permission- go ahead and grant it and they'll import all your beloved blogs almost immediately! Ahhh instant gratification! 

So that's one place! Yes I'm on there! If you'd like to find me, I'm here. Oh and also, if you're following me via GFC or Google Reader- make sure you add me to your BlogLovin'!

2. Feedly
I am also on Feedly! Why? Because why not. No in all seriousness I'm trying out multiple spaces and will at some point decide where I want to really stay. Both Feedly and BlogLovin' have their ups and downs- so hopefully I'll find out which are real UPS and which are deal breakers!

Here are two helpful links that will get your EASILY transitioned into Feedly!:

Just choose your web browser and they'll walk you through their automatic syncing process :)

Right now, I'm rooting for Feedly!

I hope this transition isn't too drastic for you all- and we can still be friends!!! Please oh please? Make sure you make some sort of transition BEFORE JULY 1st :)

So yeah! That's the latest news on the home front! Remember- if you follow my blog via Google Reader and/or Google Friend Connect please make sure you add me to your space of choice! That way you'll keep up to date with the latest messes news of my life and get some tasty recipes along the way!

Hope to see you later!

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  1. This is so sad! I "migrated" today to both bloglovin and feedly but they aren't the same as GFC :-(

    1. Oh I completely Agree! Couldn't agree more, but alas- what can we do? :( I'm happy to see you on here and hope you'll continue to follow me on BlogLovin! ;)


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