Monday, April 1, 2013

april 2013 free desktop calendar...

Yay April! 

Tis the season for things like, sunshine, blooming flowers, blue skies and all things bright! 

Oh and taxes! Don't forget the brightest thing of all- paying yer taxes! -_- 

If your head isn't spinning with all things tax related- then I, Christina Main, high five you. You know, one of those high fives that is so perfect that the loudest *SMACK* is heard miles away? If our palms aren't bright red and throbbing from said high five, then it was NOT done accurately. 

So burning-hand-throbbing-finger-high-fives to you friend!

Dates to remember:

April 1- April Fools Day!
April 15- Taxes due...
April 22- Earth Day AND Mombi girl's 4th birthday!



  1. Thanks so much for the desktop calendar...luv it! I'm following you through the bloglovin hop!

    1. You're so welcome friend! Hi! Welcome! I'm checking your blog out now!!!! <3


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