Tuesday, May 7, 2013

remember that time we painted spiderman decorations till our eyes bled?...

Pretty much that's the true story of these delightful decorations.

We received this custom order, squealed with delight, and then 34097689679648 hours (and 4 bleeding eyes) later, we were done. Who knew Spider Man could be so intricately designed?!?!


This mama is no newbie to our edible cupcake toppers. In fact she was the one that got us on the edible painted decs in the first place! Last year, for her son's 2nd birthday she had a Dick Tracy themed party (right?!!?!?! so neat!) and had us make these detective-esq edible toppers.

So fun!

Well, here we are- growing closer and closer to her little one's 3rd birthday, and she hired us again! This time- Spider Man. My husband couldn't have been happier.

He's a real sport- being my right hand man and artsy designer- he's put up a lot with the pinks and bows and cutsie stuff. A lot. It seems almost every decoration is for some sweet little girl's birthday :) He does it with a smile. Well, when I received this inquiry I giggled to myself and shot it his way. "What do you think of this order?" Like I had to ask. He was in before I could even say "Spider..."

Spider Man happens to be his FAVORITE comic book character ever. When we first met (in 2001) he had a wallet with said figure on it. We saw every movie that came out (on opening day or weekend) and I can pretty much tell you Peter Parker's life story, now.

Anywho, this was a definite "go"!

The mama wanted these decorations to be a more "vintage" Spider Man, than pristine and clean cut, so we really played up the "worn" and "cracking" feel of something that would be old and, well, vintage. All the hand painted line work showed a little bit of "wear and tear" as well as Spidey's hand painted eyes. Same with the 3's. We gave all the hand painted spiderwebs a vintage "old" look.

This is why our eyes bled- who knew hand painting such intricate design work....50 times could be so involved? Haha. I know, we should have known!

Doesn't really matter though- it was well worth it in the end- these guys rocked! JUST LOVE THEM!
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  1. You guys do such awesome work!!! I'm excited to surprise Everett tomorrow with his Dora topper! YAY!

    1. I don't know why this made me laugh so hard- but it did! D-D-D-D-Dora! <3

  2. So cute! I love the vintagey look to them. I was a nanny for a little boy in Italy who was OBSESSED with Spiderman! He had posters and stickers and undies and gloves, the works! I can't even count how many times I printed out black/white drawings for us to color together! So much fun but soooo much Spiderman


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