Friday, June 14, 2013

|diy| washi tape cupcake toppers...

Ever since I made this washi tape project (which you guys said you loved! THANK YOU!!) I've seriously been itching for my next victim to cover in washi. I've been (secretly) searching through Pinterest, pinning possibilities, and looking throughout my house for something that desperately needed some washi flair. 

Honestly? Couldn't find my perfect thing. 

Then Mother's Day came. Bwahahahaha, oh did it! Without even thinking about washi really (who am I kidding, this stuff is always on the brain) I made some yummy cupcakes, topped with delicious frosting and then placed them on their cake stands. Hmph. Not good enough. I mean, this is MOTHER'S DAY after all, and mother's need like...way fancier things.

Then it hit me like a ton of washi covered bricks (which would be just the most delightful sight, really). I need to make some cute little washi flags to top each cupcake with! So I did.

Just for the moms. Really.


I feel silly even writing out how to do this craft project, it's THAT easy :) But alas...
What you will need for this project honestly couldn't be simpler: 

  • Washi Tape (in your favorite pattern)
  • Toothpicks
  • Scissors

I have to point out that I am so proud of my freshly painted red hot nails right here. I never have my finger nails painted because I'm so lazy- so this was a real treat!

How to make flags:

  1. Take amount of toothpicks out that you'll need. With your washi tape, tear a strip long enough to fold over into a nice sized flag.
  2. Press directly onto one edge of your toothpick. I placed my toothpick's top flush with the top of the washi tape and directly in the middle.
  3. Carefully bring edges together, onto one side.
  4. With scissors, cut middle out of the torn edge of washi, creating a flag shape!

That's it! Just continue over and over until all the toothpicks needed are flag-a-fied. Then when you're ready, just press each flag topper directly into frosted cupcakes (or cake even)!

Gotta love a good and easy washi tape project!


  1. This is such an adorable idea! What a cute way to individualize them.

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you so much Samantha, for the super kind words!!! YOU TOO!

  2. How great is washi tape?! I just signed up to swap with you! My swap code is on my blog:)

  3. What about a link to that yummy looking icing?

    1. You got it!!! Here ya go friend!


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