Monday, July 1, 2013

july 2013 free desktop calendar...

I have a top three list for favorite months of the year: 

1. September 
2. November 
3. July 

July to me, was always when summer really started. Sometimes there was still school in June, so come July, I was officially on summer break (which meant I could SLEEP IN...AHHHHHHHH). Plus where we live, we really take the "June Gloom" seriously- with heavy marine layers all day, almost every single day. So again- come July, we start to see sunshine and warmer weather! 

Lastly- the food! July always has some of the best foods! BBQs, birthday parties, and amazing fruits and veggies at the Farmer's Markets...I mean...yum!

Oh, and July is when I get to celebrate my husband's birthday...which is pretty much like celebrating my birthday because we end up doing something we both totally love! (And yes, the same thing happens on my birthday, for those of you wondering ;)

Dates to remember:

July 4th- Independence Day!!
July 11th- Free Slurpee Day at your local 7-11 (DEAD serious...this is a yearly tradition for us and a group of friends. It's the one day I indulge in the sugar + water + ...whatever else is in that stuff. MmMmM. Go get some!)

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  1. Beautiful! Thanks again for a great calendar!

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