Thursday, September 12, 2013

frustrated with cancer...

I really have no words right now. But I wanted to update all of you guys: you sweet, sweet, loyal prayer warriors out there, that on Sunday night, our dear friend Stephanie Jones passed away. 

My husband said some of how we're feeling in his blog post on Tuesday. But really, words just can't do my emotions justice, yet. I am, however just so amazed and thankful to you all for your ridiculously loving support throughout this journey. You guys came together and lifted up strangers in your prayers! Not that we're really strangers- we're all brothers and sisters in Christ. But still. Mind blowing, guys. Thank you.

So as of now, I'll leave you guys with a little bit of what her amazing husband, Tyler has encouraged us with. Because really, he said the most perfect thing a widower could have said, ever.

At 5:15pm, on September 8th, 2013, my wife, my best friend, mother of my children, Stephanie Jones, has gone home to be in glory and perfection with our Lord Jesus Christ! 

We're at a momentary loss, but she prospers and I certainly can't wait to see her again.

Thank you all for fighting the good fight with us this past year.

We love you all!

- Tyler Jones

Praise Jesus for the hope we have in Him! 

By the way, if you're wanting to help the Jones family in a way other than loving prayer (not to undermine prayer at all!) you can help financially support Tyler and his babies, during this time. 
Medical Fundraising Made Simple

Blarg guys. Just blarg. 

For the full background, click here


  1. It's just so sad and heartbreaking... and it makes me mad and it's so unfair. I will continue to pray for Tyler and their children.
    blarg is right.

  2. I'm so sorry for your and her family's loss. Prayers for you all. {{hugs}}

  3. oh! my heart aches for you. i pray that the peace that surpasses all understanding would comfort you. what a HOPE we have to cling to knowing that this is not the end - only the beginning of forever.

  4. Thank you, sweet, sweet friends!

  5. terribly terribly sorry for your loss. Praying prayers of comfort and wisdom around her family. Praying that they can see and feel the Lord embracing them in everything they encounter from here on out, having to do with the death of their sweet Stephanie. Praise the Lord for the time she was here, and that she's home at peace not having to fight a terrible battle anymore.

  6. I wondered it she had passed. Oh how I praise the Lord that she is home. I wondered early this week what it would be like to see Him face to face. Yet, at the same time my eyes are welled with tears for the family that just lost their precious loved one. My uncle was admitted to the hospital yesterday after having a heart attack. I got news of another friend who seems to be losing her battle with cancer as well. {hugs my dear friend}

  7. I'm so sorry to hear this, I was just catching up on blogs I had missed and I am glad I came across this post! Loss is always heart breaking but sometimes things like cancer it seems worse because some people beat it and others just can't. You want to be positive, but then it's stripped away from you. I've always felt sad, and slightly confused, over loss through cancer. Now it hits even closer to my heart as my grandad is currently battling esophageal cancer. The doctor found it this summer. He was never a smoker and we aren't sure what could've caused it. It is inoperable, however he is halfway through chemo and radiation. Hopefully that will kick it. So heartbreaking.


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