Friday, December 13, 2013

19 fun + tasty holiday recipe ideas!...

Baking season is is FULL swing! 

I love walking down my local Trader Joe's grocery store and seeing all the fun baking ingredients I can get this time of year! Like peppermint extract, coconut sugar, whole vanilla beans, chocolate peppermint bread mix (oh yes), and much more!

If you're like me, you're planning all your baking right about now and getting ready to spend a few days making edible gifts for loved ones, cookies for cookie swaps, baked goods for parties, and dessert for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

Need some inspiration? Here are 19 fun and tasty holiday recipe ideas!

  1. These Chai Tea Sugar Cookies are packed full of real chai tea!
  2. With only 2 ingredients, these Peanut Butter Cup Sugar Cookies will be a huge hit at your next swap!
  3. Classic and perfect in every way, these Vanilla Bean Shortbread Cookies are my most popular cookie!
  4. Ready to shake things up a little? Try these Brown Butter Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies!
  5. Another crowd pleaser- these Old Fashioned Sugar Cookies are slightly chewy and bursting with flavor!

  1. Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting are perfect for any holiday party because they've got your red and white color theme covered! Moist cupcakes with a surprising ingredient!
  2. Cardamom is a special holiday spice that makes this Almond Cardamom Poundcake with Raspberries a new Christmas favorite!
  3. Try serving these cute little Black Forrest Cupcakes at your next fancy holiday dinner party!
  4. Christmas morning wouldn't be complete without a few Cinnamon Sugar Donut Muffins!
  5. Packed with cinnamon sugar and topped with a generous serving of sugary glaze, this Honeybun Bundt Cake is moist and amazingly amazing. 

  1.  Is your Santa lactose-free? Why not make him a cup (or two) of this Honey Spiced Almond Milk? PS- it totally tastes like horchata!
  2. When it gets freezing cold outside, snuggle up inside with a cup of homemade Cinnamon Tea

  1. Not traditionally a winter treat, this Peppermint Vanilla Bean Ice Cream will be your new favorite Christmas dessert!
  2. Who doesn't love a semi-homemade dessert recipe? These super easy Peppermint Brownies will totally hit the chocolate and peppermint lover-spot. PS- they use peppermint patties!
  3. Fudge is a total Christmas staple in my family, and this Easy Cinnamon Fudge tops my list. No candy thermometer required! 
  4. Think about it: Christmas morning, house full of loved ones, and the smell of FRESH Homemade Cinnamon Rolls is wafting through the house... Yeah, get on it. 

  1. With the combination of two amazing fruits, this Cranberry Strawberry Jam is a little bit sweet and a little bit tart. Perfect for all your foodie friends!
  2. If you were to buy this at a store you'd end up paying beaucoup bucks! Why not make a huge vat of homemade Vanilla Bean Sugar and pack up in little glass jars for friends? Pssst- make sure you save some for yourself!
  3. You'll need to start early for this one (or plan ahead for next year), but your loved ones will TOTALLY "OOoooo" and "Ahhhhhhh" over you if you gift them with some Homemade Vanilla Bean Extract!

Ahhhh Christmas! How I love you so! Let me know what you guys are planning on making this holiday season!


  1. There's so many goodies! The one that stood out most to me were those Cinnamon Sugar Donut Muffins! Delicious looking :)

    1. Those dang things are adddddddicting! You have been warned! ;)


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