Wednesday, January 29, 2014

confessions of a blogger...

I guess the tagged blog posts are pretty popular right now, eh? I'm not going to lie...I really love it. 1. I LOVE reading about my friends and favorite bloggers. Love finding out little bits and pieces about them. 2. It gives me a freebie in blogging! I don't have to think of fun content- it's already there for me! Win win, right?

The very lovely Meg, tagged me back in December, and I'm JUST now getting around to fulfilling my tagging duties! (So sorry Meg!) The holidays are always crazy. Here are my 10 blogging confessions:

1. When did you first start blogging and why? 
I first started blogging back in 2010 as a means to talk about some fun things I was baking for friends and family. It had become something I was doing on a regular basis, so my husband encouraged me to get on the blogging bandwagon and share about it all, with others! 

2. Have you had any past online presence? 
Other than the ever popular, Myspace (BLEH) and Facebook, nope! This was my first "diary" of online published sorts. I was totally nervous at first. ANYONE could read what I was writing! Now, I love it. 

3. When did you become serious about your blog? 
It was about a year later that I found my niche and really took it seriously. I literally had NO idea what I was doing for the first 6 months or so. Looking back on some of those posts makes me cringe a horror-filled cringe. I won't, however, remove those ever. :) Growth people- it's all about growth here...and I for sure have grown a bunch! 

But within that year I realized that I didn't want to just talk about stuff I was making, I wanted to share with everyone! I wanted people around the world to be able to go buy the same ingredients and make some tasty food! Plus seriously...I've made some amazing friends along the way! Best thing ever.

4. What was your first blog post? 
Hehehe. I can still remember it like it was yesterday. Good thing it wasn't! My godson was turning ONE and my good friend wanted me to bake him some cupcakes. If you're not prone to gagging over terrible pictures, you can check it out here. The cupcakes tasted AMAZING...but I sucked at photography! I think I might have used my little Canon point-and-shoot! And Photoshop? What was that? 

5. What have been your biggest challenges blogging? 
Coming up with blog content AND finding the money to buy ingredients for a consistent recipe filled blog! Let's be honest here....I'm not a machine and sometimes my brain just DOES. NOT. WANT. TO. WORK. NO matter how hard I try, sometimes I sit at the computer and literally cannot think of a single thing to write! I hate writer's block like no other! It's the worst. 

Let's also be really honest and lay it out there- baking takes money! Without money, you can't buy delicious ingredients! Sure I would love to have a recipe up every day...or at least 3 times a week for you all...but that's not always going to happen. (Isn't going to happen very often at all!) That's a big reason why I choose to allow recipes to hit my blog that we've eaten and love. It's our life, through food! If I make a yummy dinner, hors d'oeuvre, pie for a friend, cake for a birthday, dessert for a get together, and the people who eat it love it- it goes up. Simple as that. I don't go out and buy ingredients just for a new post, because...well that's pretty pricey!  

6. What is the most rewarding thing about blogging? 
The amazing community I've become a part of. Never in a million years would I have thought I'd make friends through this blogging thing. Friends I now talk to on the phone, text, email, pray with!!!, and hang out with. Over the Christmas break one of them came and spent 4 days with us and two weeks ago my husband and I had a coffee date with another! Best. Ever.

7. What is the most discouraging thing about blogging? 
The constant criticism and comparison game (can I get an amen?)! Not only do I do this to myself all the dang-a-lang time (ugh, come on know better), but it also comes from readers! If you aren't continually putting up amazing content with even better pictures, people lose interest in you! It's the hardest thing to try and keep up with the blogging-Jones'. 

That being said, readers- be nice to your bloggers. We're people too. :) I promise you, we're trying as hard as we can to do the best we can. Wondering what's up with our blog? Hit us up via email and simply ask! Never, ever...comment on anything with harsh mean words. Ever. We value your opinions, I promise. But that doesn't give anyone permission to lay it all out for all to see.  

8. What is your blogging dirty little secret? 
If I get on a blogging role, and have had a really good time of baking and photographing- I'll sometimes have blogs lined up, written about, and ready to go WEEKS in advance! You never know when money's going to be tight, writer's block is going to strike, or reasons for baking will die down! You always have to be ready! Plus, this way, if I get sick or something comes up, you guys don't suffer!

9. What is your current goal as a blogger? 
I would love to make this my absolute number 1 income source! I blogged for two years without ANY income, so don't get me wrong- bringing anything in now is the bees knees! But it's nothing to brag about and I still have to find other creative ways to help supplement our income, at times :) I would love a million times over, if I was able to focus 150% on my blog and make it my full income source! *fingers crossed*

10. Have you learned or become passionate about anything through blogging that caught you by surprise?
Sharing my faith! Might sound weird, but it took me years to feel comfortable with sharing my love for Jesus. I really feel like it was through my constant blogging and opening up on here that Jesus gave me the courage to be able to open up about my faith, elsewhere.

Gosh, praise Him for that!!

Phew! Are you all still there? :) Thanks for sticking with me friends! To keep this little tagging game going, I tag my friends Kiki, Regina, Mackenzie, Sara, and Elizabeth!


  1. So glad you joined in! Loved reading your confessions! When I work on DIY projects I always have to come up with ideas around materials we have at home. If I think of a project that I want to do that requires me buying supplies I put it off until we've got extra money to spend. Totally understand about costly baking ingredients.

    1. Oh gosh, I am so glad I'm not the only one having to revolve stuff around what I have on hand at home! AND YES! Same here- a yummy recipe might be my best blog post yet- but if I don't have the funds for it, it goes down on paper till a (much) later time. :/ Such is life! Hehehe.

  2. First of all, your photos from that first blog post were NOT bad at all... I wish my photos looked that nice. But, I'm not playing the comparison game right now ;) - And that's awesome how you've made so many friends through this - people so close that you can actually pray with them! The community is definitely one of the coolest parts of blogging.

    1. I couldn't agree more. This little community has become SUCH an amazing blessing!

  3. So fun learning more about you! Love your blog, love your perspective. And I'm totally jealous you get your posts done weeks in advance. Working on that...

    1. Oh don't be jealous! There are seasons where I'm lucky if one post goes up a week! Hehehe. It's not always the case that I'll have them lined up :)

  4. yay! so glad you joined in on the tagging game. i think it's fun too! love reading little tidbits about my friends :)

    like you and samantha both said, YES, projects are expensive. i always try to find things i already have around the house to work with. i'm all about saving money where i can! also, i blog in advance too, when i can. it always feels so good to have a full week or two of posts ready to go. then again, i get writers block on the reg. it is the worst! i want to write posts with meaning and purpose, and sometimes i just can't transfer all the deep thoughts and feelings onto paper the way that i want. #bloggerprobs :)

  5. I'm so glad you joined in, too! I wrote mine a few weeks ago and loved sharing my confessions as much as I loved reading yours. I love getting to know more about the blogger and if there's one thing us bloggers write well about, it's blogging. :)

    Anyway, AMEN to what you said about the comparison game, being kind to bloggers (we really ARE people with feelings!). Loved reading this and thank you for the tag, Christina!

  6. That was fun to read. I agree with you on number 7. It is cool that blogging and social media can start such a great community but it is such a shame that people use their voice to be mean or disrespectful.

    1. Completely agree with you! Let's just all practice kindness to one another :)

  7. Alright lady, bring it on! :)

    I love your confessions, and I will get around to posting mine shortly! You're the best.


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