Tuesday, January 14, 2014

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Can I please introduce you guys to a dear friend of mine? I promise you won't mind one bit. 

My friend Michele, from Sentimental Heart Photography...is amazing. Inside and out, folks. From her smile, her laugh, her love of Jesus...man I love her so. Plus, aside from being a phenomenal photographer, she also has one gorgeous vintage Etsy shop. I mean, full package friends!

As you know, she came to visit us over New Year's...but I thought it might be fun to show you the trip through her eyes as well as mine. :) Again, I hope you won't mind. There is something really neat about having the same experiences as someone, yet getting the chance to see what they saw, through their pictures. Not to mention, since we were traveling through all of the places I'm so familiar with, it was really sweet to see them in a different way for once. Kind of makes you realize what you really have and remember to not take advantage of it! Amiright? Anywho, without further adieu...

Friends, here is Michele.

I lost my fire for taking pictures with my real camera.
There was my phone, and Instagram, and laziness.
But this year will be different.
This year I will take real pictures, document all of the things, and remember.
Lets start with the start. Of 2014 that is. And of friends, now seen.
I spent my last days of 2013 and first of 2014 far from the freezing weather of home and breathing in the warm air of the coast of Southern California.

I hugged friends I had only met online, with inner worry that the lives that seemed in sync over electronic screens might not transition to real worlds, real voices, my awkwardness.
Literally, worry was banished before I had a chance to consider it. I breathed easy right into my hug of Christina. Laughed, and talked about Jesus, wrestling and food with the same amount of casual certainty. No judgements, just joy.
Annnnndddd, rollerskating dancers. Boom.
(All pictures from trip at sentimentalheart.zenfolio.com)

Michele my dear...we love you AND MISS YOU so!


  1. "There is something really neat about having the same experiences as someone, yet getting the chance to see what they saw, through their pictures." LOVE that. It is so true!

    So happy for the opportunity you two had to finally spend time together in real life. What a joy! Absolutely gorgeous pictures, too :)


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