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Right now in my book club we are just finishing up Tim Chaddick's Better. As the front of the book says, it literally helps show how Jesus satisfies the search for meaning in life. 

It takes you all over Ecclesiastes as each chapter discusses things like, worry, envy, anxiety, joy, death, power, etc. All things we as humans can find daily struggles with! Just last time we met we talked about how there is such a heavy pull to jump on the comparison train and get so down on ourselves because we aren't measuring up to what we think is the norm. Social media, blogs, jobs, just being women- there are so many temptations out there to feel less than. So it was great to read in that week's chapters how we need to start focusing on Jesus and what HE says, versus the world. 

"Our standing with God is not based upon how well each of us performs. Our standing with God is based upon how well Jesus performed- and He performed perfectly."

And some on what I struggle with personally; envy:

"When you see someone with something that you want, tell yourself that God gave him or her that gift and that He's given you another gift or ability for His own purposes. Internalize that deep down, and remember that God's love towards us is not measured by the amount of gifting or ability we have. It's measured on the cross of Christ."

"A hunger for social status starts out innocently enough- just a wish to be connected, to make friends, or to be known. But soon enough it twists and gets toxic as we resent others who we consider to have more influence, followers, name drops, or excitement when their names come up in conversation. It's toxic, and our souls struggle to process the poison. And it's toxic for our communities as well, because when we're running on envy, we stop seeing other people as God's creation and start to see them as rivals."

Ack! Conviction-central! Isn't this so true with us bloggers? I know it rings big bells of truth into my ears. Time to stop being envious (A.K.A: looking at what God hasn't given me, creating with the need to compare, not thinking Jesus is all I need, not satisfied with what He has given me), see it for what it is (a sin), confess it, repent and start seeing those around me as God's beloved creations. 

Working On

Right now I am currently tying up a few loose blog posts and getting ready to have something extremely exciting come your way in March! A bloggy friend and I have been cooking up (har har) a fun little project for the last few weeks and it will be announced in just a short while! Stay tuned, friends!


Actually, Valentine's Day! I don't know why- I know it's not that big of a holiday deal...but for some reason I'm totally stoked for it this year! The hubbie took work off the following Saturday, so we will have a nice long 3 day weekend after V-Day! I'm so dang excited! A full Saturday all to ourselves?! What in the world will we do?!

Listening To

Page CXVI has literally been on repeat and/or constantly shuffling through my iTunes for the last 3 months. I cannot get enough of them, their mellow almost folky vibe, and crazy great renditions of old hymns. It's the kind of stuff you love to have stuck in your head all day long. I find myself singing, "Do Lord" while doing dishes and other small tasks. 

Which as we know from Philippians 4:8 is a good thing: "Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things."

Plus, if you go to their website and subscribe you receive 9 songs FREE!


I have to be honest here, when we cancelled our cable years ago, I sort of prided myself on the fact that we wouldn't be watching TV as much as the next person. Then we got Netflix. And then we subscribed to Hulu Plus. 

Well! Was I wrong and am I sticking my foot in my mouth now! I think I watch MORE television now that all my favorite shows are on my fingertips than I ever did! I may be exaggerating just a tad here, but honestly- we watch a lot of shows!

On our top list:

Downton Abbey
Parks and Recreation
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
NEW GIRL!! (Don't even get me started on this show...) Ok do, "Heyyyy gurrrrrl, whatcha doinnnnn'...?"


The fact that the weather just started (finally) cooling off. Right now as I stare out our window it's grey/blue and the wind is roaring! It looks so cold as I sit here in the warm house. MmmMmm. It has been cloudy and grey here for the last 2 days! It even sprinkled one night! Eeeep! Cozy socks here I come!

Praying For

My husband. I loved this pin I saw not too long ago and it really put my prayer life for my husband into perspective a bit. 

I'm also praying fervently for this season we have been graciously put into. It seems a bit chaotic but at the same time a tad stagnant...almost like an eruption of some sort is about to happen...and we can sense the build up. Make sense? Something big is coming...I think...but I have no idea what it could be. So I pray. Praying that whatever He has in store for us, our hearts are prepared and we consistently and thoroughly depend on Him and His strength. Even if there isn't a something big coming our way, and I was way wrong- just praying that where we are is where He wants us and that I'm always satisfied with what He's given us. 

What is currently going on with you? If you do this on your blog, come back here and let me know! I'd love to read all about it.


  1. We gave up our cable too and use Netlix and Hulu. I think between my husband and I we watch all the shows you guys watch. Didn't we once say we should do a Zoey Dashanel-off and see who can do the better impersonation?! The weather here is starting to warm up, I mean we have mid 30's in the forecast! That is awesome for MN February. Like you will seriously see people in t-shirts and shorts... we're crazy!
    I pray for you often and I think something big is right around the corner too.. Whatever the Lord has in store will be amazing for you and Bill. XOXO Happy Valentine's Day friend!

    1. Again, I'm not surprised that you guys watch what we watch! It only makes sense :)

      30 is BY NO MEANS T-Shirt weather!!! That's like....40 layers of long underwear and pants and jackets and carves and and Or "don't even leave the house" weather. It's currently 70 here and I have pants on and a blanket over my lap. I DO however have a T-Shirt on, so there's that. I'm a whimp.

      Thank you for your prayers!!! SO appreciated. xoxo

  2. Christina, thanks so much for sharing vulnerably! So much of what you wrote resonates, including, "Praying that whatever He has in store for us, our hearts are prepared and we consistently and thoroughly depend on Him and His strength. Even if there isn't a something big coming our way, and I was way wrong- just praying that where we are is where He wants us and that I'm always satisfied with what He's given us." Thanks for reminding us of powerful truth.

    1. Praise God it was used as an encouragement to you! That's awesome. xo

  3. I'm excited about Valentines day too! Which is kind of weird for us, because we're not big valentines day people. Also, hurray for March! :D

    P.S. I'm all over the following.

    Downton Abbey
    Parks and Recreation

    We also think SNL is hilarious. I miss watching Castle with my Mom. I need to get to watching New Girl =.


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