Monday, March 3, 2014

uhhh yeah, we've been busy...

To say things have been busy, is totally an understatement. 

Busy and Sickie! Goodness. The Main household has been both extremely busy in the Etsy shop department AND in the sickness dept! Sheesh! I mean, WE'VE BEEN BUSY. But gosh friends, God is so good. Isn't He? He never gave us more than we could handle and I'm so thankful for that promise of His. I took each day as it came and never looked ahead this last week. Sure I was sick and hurty (and in some cases, cranky too...ooops!) but I somehow had the capacity to complete each order little by little. Thank you Jesus for Your mercy and strength! 

Usually I like busy. Well, to an extent. Actually, now that I think of it, I think I'm pretty much capped off on my BusyMeter. So, anything more and I'll most likely crawl into a ball and cry. Hey now!

I did want to show you all some of the things that have kept my days pretty packed! Sort of loving these couple of edible decoration orders I've recently received. I know I say this a lot, but it still holds true- you mamas out there- YOU GUYS ROCK! I mean, you're SO much more creative than I could have ever even tried to be! I love each and every one of you and SO very much appreciate you trusting us to make your party dreams a reality!

First off, I totally forgot to show you guys this neat-o order we did for a bloggy friend a while back! I'm so behind. Anywho, love this girl. I mean, LOVE HER. We bonded a few years back over ridiculous talks about the show, Felicity. Ahem. Yes. Best way to bond ever. Well that and the fact that she's a sister in Christ- which is amazingly neat, if you ask me! 

Anywho, last year her little man was turning one, so she had us make some super neat Greek Mythology inspired edible decorations for the celebration. Neatest theme, right? She was even nice enough to send over some pics of the big day, which I just loved!

Wellllllllllllllll here we are again a year later, and her sweet little boy is now about to turn 2. Kind of makes me giddy and all sentimental to think about being a part (even if in a small way) of someone's childhood ;) 

*Suck it up Christina, compose yourself*

The party theme was more of a "shapes, letters, numbers...and....Dora the Explorer" type thing.  Hahaha. Best. Theme. Ever. Much to this mama's dismay, she couldn't help that her little man just loves the heck out of that show (hehehehe). Whatever the birthday boy wants, right? ...Dora it is!

For her cupcake toppers, she wanted the letters "A", "B", "C" and "E" (for Everett) as well as the numbers "1", "2", and "3". We also included some fun shapes like stars, moons, hearts, squares, and triangles- all of which alternated in color. If you're interested in any of these neat-o decorations, you can most certainly order them here.

Then there was the Pièce de résistance- the decoration of all decorations- the big shebang- the...the...The Dora. I'm pretty sure this will be Everett's favorite part ;) Mama Bear sent us a favorite picture of the soon-to-be-birthday-boy' know...of this gorgeous gal. We then hand painted that picture using edible paints, onto a 4" hand made, white gum paste cake plaque. !Hola!

!Hola! indeed, Dora.

You can find a similar cake plaque here, for your ordering pleasure. 

Back to this week. We had a lot of orders for things like, edible paint palettestiny edible flowers, and...

A plethora of edible name plaques for little ones' birthdays! And uh, yes...all hand stenciled, hand cut, and hand everything'd. Phew!

Like what your eyeballs see? Hit us up! We'd love to be a part of your next shindig!
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Oh! And don't forget to come back here Friday for a surprise! There's been something fun cooking up for the past few weeks. You're going to love it!


  1. You are so talented, friend!!!! Gorgeous!

  2. Everything looks so good!! I hope the sickness goes away too! I'll send some good luck your way!

    Also check out my lovely jewelry giveaway going on now!!

    <3 kelly

  3. You are so talented! I hope you feel better soon! xo

  4. AWWWW!!! I got a little teary-eyed thinking about my baby and his birthdays... and you have been a part of them! :) Your decorations have been such a hit, and I treasure them each time they arrive in the mail! Thank you for being so sweet... and talented! :) Everett is going to be 3 in a few months! How did that happen?! I have to start planning! (Poor Deacon, his birthday was overlooked by flu and Christmas! Next Year!) Hugs!

  5. You are a BOSS! You dominated Etsy orders and prepared for Cooks in the Kitchen! Amazing!


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